Thursday, November 27, 2014


Hey! Its thanksgiving day! A well celebrated day in yankee o! Today happens to be my baby's 11th month birthday also! You think, I won't mention it huh? *side-eye*... ahaha. Yep! You guess right ... I am so happy! It's like Christmas here o! Schools are out for a week! The preparation for the upcoming black Friday night is on! My first thanksgiving experience saw me receiving turkey  from new friends I made, and the store I bought my groceries gave free turkey on every $40:00 purchase! I left them all in the freezer for months because I didn't know what to do with them! I later used it to prepare stew o jare! On my 2nd thanksgiving experience, I bought one and baked it as I saw in y-tube ... hmm ...I try small ... ahahaha. Now! This is my 3rd time of celebrating thanksgiving with the people of the land of liberty and the brave! Ye-haw! Oh! Yes! My turkey is slowly baking in the oven as I type.


It's a tradition to say all things one is thankful for. My list is endless because I don't know where and how to start. GOD is too good to I and my family. Thus, I will summarize it chronologically.
LORD, I am thankful:
1}For my parents well-being.I love them so much, and pray for longevity for them.

2}For my siblings;For the bond that exist between us, that can never be broken.

3}For seeing me through my education, NYSC, and jobs.

4}For my marriage;For giving me a caring, gentle and hard-working husband, who  protects me from anybody who dabbles into our business!

5}For my children;You saw me through 5 deliveries and gave me strength to care for them.  And You blessed them all! I am eternally grateful daddy.

6}For bringing I and my family to America;You made me have the last laugh sir! You made us find favour with people, and met us at our hour of need always.

7} And above all, for Your divine protection all over us, fighting our battles for us, Indeed! Our names are written on Your palms and our future are in Your hands.

Be glorified oh Lord! The GOD of Moses, Isaiah and Jeremiah.

Happy thanksgiving! :D

Enjoy again, another of my fav song;