Tuesday, November 04, 2014


I was surprised when I found out on my arrival that,  there was no washing and drying machine inside many of the apartments, but laundromats. #see me that washed with my hands in 9ja, before hubby bought washing machine for our 10th anniversary,  am not serious o jare!# Jokes apart though, my expectations were high. I was told if I buy the machines and installed, the management would charge me extra for water. Ok! I went to find out the cost of both machines and installation, lets just say, the total cost brought me down to reality with a crashing sound! So, off to laundromat I waka go jor!

This is one of the small machines, see those flags up there? No 9ja flag there o! But other Africa countries dey!

Laundromats are within walking distances of some residential buildings, so if you don't drive, you can push a trolley. The residential complex I stay have 2 laundromats within, I don't use them because, I have to pay with card and it's not economical for my large family. The laundromat, is a place to observe different characters; Like one lady I noticed; She only brings in 2 pieces of clothing for washing and she wears gloves to handle them! Yep! It's her clothes alright, because she puts them on immediately after drying.

Laundry is  good business here! Clothes are pampered with different products, and carefully folded into perfect squares.  Even undies sef, dem fold! SHIOR! But some don't bother to fold, they put all their dried clothes into a new garbage bag. As for me, I simply go, 1, 2, 3, 4.... fiam! ...into the basket! I don't have the patience of these women  who will stretch it out on the table, fold the garters to get the crisp edges, then smooth it ,that it looks ironized. {coining my own word :) So, one day, I decided to copy their method..... ..nobody told me to stop, when my waist began to hurt and I was spending more than 2 hours in the laundromat. #my pickins would do it @ home o jare!#
One has to know how to manage money in the laundromat, or else, it would go down the drain! My first time, I put too much coins into the dryer, that the owner was magnanimous enough to refund back some of my money. Imagine me putting $15 in a dryer! I was not used to the currency then, I was just slotting it in, thinking the more the coins, the hotter and faster it would be. #chei! maths I no kukukma sabi!# A quarter is for 10 minutes drying.

I lost lot of quarters on laundry until I got the hang of it by learning from other women. Now,I spend $5 less for my weekly washing.  I told hubby that any apartment we move to in future MUST have washing and drying machines because on bad weather days, we cannot move out, and some days we are so busy, and the clothes will  pile up.There is nowhere to dry them even if I wash with my hands in the bath tub!

Pillows drying in the dryer
Pillows, sneakers, foot-mats, and rugs are also washed and dried in these machines! As long as it can fit into the machines, it is washable! At first, I was uncomfortable with it, imagining the type of germs that would be in the machines, but I was assured, there was none. Some people bring along anti-bacteria spray to disinfect inside the washing machine first before use. I don't blame them, because on few instances, soiled clothes from  homes and lodges were brought there. because  their personal machines developed fault. 

see that rug for washing?
When back home, I washed my bed-sheets every week because of heat, now I do every 2 weeks because we don't sweat. I washed my towels every 2 weeks back home because I could dry them in the sun, but here every week, because I dry them indoors. I wash the blankets every 3 weeks. Washing pillows, was a new tip I came to learn here. Back home, I dried the pillows under the sun, and when the covering-cloth becomes old, I loose it, pour out the fillings on a mat to dry under the sun, then throwaway the old clothing, find an old pillow-case and stuff it with the well dried fillings, then sew it back. If you are good at hand-stitching, do it or call 'obioma' [free-lance tailors that hawk their services}. Out of curiosity I opened a pillow to see the type of fillings used that made it easy to wash and fast to dry; It was white fiber material, no wonder! I now wash my pillows.

Laundry is one of the tedious and timing consuming chores at home, especially in a large family. Back home, washer men and women are hired by people who can afford it. Now, washing machines are taking over , but the epileptic supply of electricity still makes it difficult to use the machines often. Some have heavy duty diesel generators that can power the machines, but at what cost? Hence, many still employ the services of dry-cleaners and washer wo/men. Some wash everyday, weekly or bi-weekly, depending on their lifestyle and size of family.

Have a blessed week ahead.