Friday, November 28, 2014


Yes o!  I so like Phoenix 'J'! Always dashing me award from left, right and center!  She gave me the liebster award, sisterhood award, now, the sunshine award! Thank
you so much my blog-sistah.

I have to say 11 things about myself and answer the questions from 'J'. I once said much about myself here and here. But it's still fun to talk about oneself again huh? #side-eye to anybody who does not agree#
Here are more things about me you don't know;
i} I am the over-protective type.
ii} I am NOT a competitive person. 
iii} I love dancing! 
iv} I always apologize to anybody who tells me I offend them.
v} I avoid people that talk religiously every second! 
vi} I can always improvise!

vii} I like people that don't pretend! I keep my distance from effizy people.

viii} I don't like horror, futuristic or sci-fic movies. 
ix} I so like turkey and titus fish ehn! 
x} When I like a particular design of cloth or shoe, I buy different colours.
xi} I tease a lot!
OK! Now, to 'J's questions;
1) is there any friend you haven’t spoken to in donkey years? Would you ring them if given the chance. Nope.
2) what’s your thought on the Bill Cosby rape news? I plead the 5th.  
3) bookstore or library? Bookstore.
4) fix it or get a replacement? Fix it.
5) damsel in distress or wonder woman? Wonder woman.
Well friends, daz all about moi! Thank you :D