Saturday, November 08, 2014


Hello, my friends, I believe many of you have seen the recent changes in my blog huh? All these changes came about, at the hands of a kind blogger, who took her time to educate and encourage me more on blogging tips, and to be active on face-book. She designed the Fb logo!

She started by telling me that, Nitty-gritty is a brand, that many still knows me by that name, I then, remember, Honey dame said; 'I will always be her Nitty!' And I should get a domain, because my blog, do give out valuable information on, housekeeping, parenting and especially on relocating, so hubby got a domain for me. That was what Phoenix 'J' noticed 2 weeks ago when she clicked on my   old newdawn40.blogspsot and she was redirected to

The next thing she said, saw me running and hiding under the table, but she pulled me out with her sweet words and convinced me I have so much to say on issues, but to avoid so long a post, I summarized them, so why don't I put it into an e-book! Again, I remember, many have told me in the past, I should write a book, I simply grinned and shyly walked away, because I didn't think, I have what it takes to be a writer. My typos were enough, to discourage anybody from reading sef! She agreed to bear the pain of reading my first draft. And oh boy! Did she make so many corrections! I salute her for not cringing when reading o! And she designed the cover page! Isn't she so talented?

I was really surprised to hear from her for the first time, because, before I deleted my old blog, I was not a regular visitor to her blog, and I have never communicated with her in any form, that is why, I am overwhelmed with this show of love from her, which made me to understand  Abiola's love letter the more.  She said, she is overwhelmed with my thankfulness and, appreciates my appreciation. Ha! She does not know me o! I am the type that can greet 10x for a good deed, and her kindness is a virtue that is not common in a competitive world.

It's said, honour should be given to whom it is due, and be thankful for every good deed done at night, so the doer can perform a bigger one in the morning! Thus, to Jummy, the Good Niaja Girl, I say another big thank you, for everything! And to every giving you gave,  a good measure, will be pressed down, shaken together, and running over you, in Jesus Name. AMEN! E-HUG.
Have a fulfilled week ahead everyone.