Monday, October 13, 2014


This is all about MOI!

Well! Ms Cookie wants you all to know 20 random things about moi! Thank you dearie. Hmmm, do I have up to 20? #thinking and ticking them off on my fingers and toes# I would cheat with My 7's and Phoenix liebster Q&A.  

Here goes! #excited#

1}I am an introvert. I know how to entertain myself by reading, writing and watching movies. Comedies and detective dramas are my favourites.

2}I seldom listen to the radio, but I like playing music. P-square is my fav  9ja artiste, also, Don Williams, Kenny Rogers and ABBA. Y-e-a-h! I know! Am old school!

3}I don't like visiting, and don't like people visiting too much either! I prefer the 'August visitors', because I know there is a specific reason for coming out. All these I-just-come-visit-guests, irks me! Siddon for ya house!

4}I am not an event-goer! I can attend the obligatory naming and birthday ceremonies. I would rather have a personal or family outing.

5}I enjoy re-arranging items and furnitures in my home, and throwing away stuff I don't use much, because I dislike clutter!

6}I like preparing easy and quick meals. I doff my hat for women who come up with new recipes and stay long in the kitchen o.

7}Black, brown, gold and silver are the only colours I like picking when buying foot wears and bags. For clothes, I go for darker colours.

8}I don't like noodles, coke, chocolate, candy, and bubble gum.

9}Banana and Pineapple are my favourite fruits.

10}OH YEAH! I LOVE vanilla cake!

11}I can be honest to a fault sometimes and few-times I shot myself on my foot! And do I learn from it? N-A-Y!!! A loved one once told me I should have a limit, so that my words don't come back to bite me! LORD help me!

12}I am easily contented. Am not difficult to please at all! Simple things gives me satisfaction and pleasure.

13}I prefer eating from plastic plates and cups, my friend complained taya! I would try for few days to use breakable plates, but revert back!

14}I am not a make-up person. But I apply only mascara and eye shadow when I attend an event.

15}I like short wigs with fringe.

16}When I make a friend, I stay loyal to such a friend until I read the hand writing on the wall, and I go back into my shell.
17}I know many would not believe this next one I am about to say, due to my precedent.....I am not confrontational! 'Yeah right?' I can hear the whispers o...ahahha. I can take a longer path just to avoid trouble, but if the trouble comes across my path, that is when I bare my fangs. Why? Because I know when angry, I lash out, not caring where I hit! Until the damage it's done, and I become remorseful. I dislike such feelings, thus, I walk away or keep silent.

18}Do you know that, I don't care about bling-bling or studs? And I am not materialistic at all! This is not because I am not earning an income, it's a thing in me friends and loved ones have noticed and wondered what kind of person I am! One time, my mum bought a tiny  gold purse from her friend who traveled to dubai for my birthday, I gave it out! Mum was livid! I apologized, but since then, she came to understand me better.

19}I like down to earth people! And people with humour. Because, I tease and joke a lot with my loved ones. So I feel awkward with people that are too serious, moody or evasive.

20}I am not the romantic type! I don't coo or swoon over flowers and the whatsnot! Truly speaking, I don't understand the teddy bear, chocolate and cards display of love. And talking of cards, please, use the #50 or #100 to buy something useful for me instead, then use your mouth to tell me your feelings. I don't like PDA!!!!! My hubby had to adjust when he saw I was too blunt to a fault! When I want something, I simply ask! When I want to buy a present, I go for something he would use and not design a plague or card!

Ok! My guys! You've got my 20's! And I am interested to know 20 facts about  Sting, Abiola, Phoenix, Yankee4life . OOPS!  It's 11:52a.m Gat to weave my gals hair. Today is a public holiday; Columbus day! Have a fulfilled week ahead y'all.