Thursday, October 09, 2014


Humph! Another gbege don shele for our 9ja community o! A lover recorded their 'act' un-knowningly to his married female lover whose first child is in college, and
shared it with his friends. It eventually got to the woman and her family, nah so kasala burst o! The woman is suicidal now as I hear. 'Why did he do it?' I asked. Black-mail? Revenge? Spite?

This reminds me of a similar story; A Nigerian wife operates a business with her husband as the manager. He began having an affair with an employee in the shop. The employee became saucy to the wife, who eventually fired her! That didn't stop the useless man from the affair. The employee then demanded money from the useless man. He refused. She recorded their 'act' and threatened him, she would show his wife if he did not come up with the money. He called off her bluff, and she sent it to his wife. Hell was let loose in his home!

Emissaries came to beg his wife when she asked for a divorce. She didn't divorce him again, but stopped him from managing her business. He eventually got a job, but he could not cope with the stress because of his age, and complained everyday about his body ache, that he was made a bout of joke in the 9ja community. People came to plead with his wife again, she forgave him, and he came back to the business, BUT, he no dey smell, or talkless to dey touch money for the shop! His wife is in sole control, while he is just a figure head there.

Infidelity is no longer news. What is news is when a woman cheats! I noticed that womanizers  and cheats are the most pained if they are cheated upon! They can go into a killing rage when a woman usurp them in their own game. Please don't get me wrong, I am not in support of infidelity of both gender, just that men cry wolf the most when cheated upon, while women take all their craps!

P.s; Remember this and this stories? Humph! Though, he now comes home regularly and performs his husbandly duties, the guy refused to leave the 'pupa' o! He said nathing! absolutely nathing! Go make am leave his mistress! His wife complained to her MIL, who tried to talk to her son,but he told her to mind her business! Issorit! Time shall tell! I dey here kpeme, to see, and I won't hesitate to update gist ke!

P.s.s: HA!, he eventually died! And I had high hope o...SIGH! RIP :(