Sunday, October 19, 2014


We make friends as we embark on this journey called life, and some friends have become close like sisters. It is not different in the virtual life either, where we make blogger-friends, who later become blogger-sistahs. I have found another one in Phoenix 'J'. Thank you sistah, for this awesome acknowledgement from you as a fellow blogger-sistah. She is curious to know if I have ever been in a situation I couldn’t control? How did I get out of it? If I was in a situation I couldn’t control, how would I handle it? Of course, the odds were/are definitely against me.

Yes, I was in such a situation few years ago. It was really a trying period for me. Some days I cried, some days I vented, some days I talked about it to my confidante. And  I spoke to GOD. Then I simply let it be, and ride with the tide and see where it would take me to, and let time begin the healing process.

My blogger-sistahs are; Sting, Sykik, Abiola, 9jamum and DOHK. I know 9jamum and DOHK are MIA, but I just want them to know I consider them as sistahs and miss them. So whenever, they decide to blog again, they owe me answer to my question; If you have an opportunity to change something about your physical features and Character, which would it be?
Have a blessed week ahead.