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Wednesday, October 01, 2014


I had already prepared the topic I wanted to discuss today, only to lose interest when I heard about the Ebola news. I just weak! I felt the same fiery anger when it happened in  Nigeria! I don't blame the citizens for their vexation, when I read some comments.

What is so important in visiting now ehn? See the wahala the visitor don bring for him host now? I can just imagine the ripple this is causing! Chai! The bad-belle wen dem get for dudu before, go kukuma increase fa!

I know he will be cured, but at whose expense? How can this be curtailed? By closing all the borders from the affected countries? or Quarantine every traveler from the countries for 21 days?

Nigeria is celebrating her 54th birthday...Happy independence.
Ok guys, it's 12:21a.m morning to y'all...nothing good about it! SIGH!


Highly Favored said...

I just can't believe the US would allow visititors from a severly affected country to enter. That seems so irisponsible to me. Totaly preventable if proper monitoring and policies were inplace for travelers from known affected areas.

New Dawn said...

Favored, I also wondered how he did it! He arrived here on 20th, by 24th he went to ER, then was taken back on 28th....I have this feeling, he already suspected he had it!
Thank you.

ms cookie said...

you know what i wondered the same thing folks need to sit in their countries for now i hate to say it. it so scary to think peoples kids have been in contact with this disease and yeah if he knew his neighbours daughter already died after he helped carried her surely he is no dummy im sure he knew there was possibility sighs... it is well sha

New Dawn said...

Exactly cookie! He knew! You see wahala e don cause for people nah accommodate am? 5 children attending 4 different schools! Thank you.

Abiola Olaleye said...

I blame the ER nurse that sent him back the first time with only antibiotics even after he admitted that he had been to an Ebola-ravaged region!

To think that they had his travel history and could not piece it together with his medical presentation to immediately quarantine him is really annoying.

A whole nation has now been put at risk as a result of incompetence!

Maybe this will encourage them to speed up the release of the vaccine and medication.

Abiola Olaleye said...

Ebola made me forget to say...happy new month.


Toinlicious said...

Sigh. This is just crazy.

New Dawn said...

Yes, the blame is heaped on the nurse for neglecting to tell the doctors such important info, hence antibiotics were prescribed for him only. But the total blame should not be on her because there are many patients in the ER and the info could had slipped her mind. So, why didn't Thomas Duncan tell the doctor who came to see him in his cubicle that he just came from Liberia? Because, doctors would ask questions before giving a diagnosis.

Hence, my anger towards Thomas, who I believed knew he might have it since his landlord and children died from it! Still embarked on this journey!

Some parents went to pick their kids from schools the host children attend and neighbors are scared! Let's see what would happen on October 19th.

Thank you o jare my sistah, happy new month to you also, I understand.

New Dawn said...

Ha! Toin! You just know! The multiplying effect this is going to have is unfolding gradually.
Starting from the Ivy apartments he lived, to the cars he entered, to places of interest he visited, the people he touched at ER, the tools used on him, the pen he held to fill out paper work, the chair he sat on, the cubicle he stayed awaiting the doctor, the pharmacy he visited to pick his medication, the ambulance that conveyed him. Numbers are just swirling in my head....he knew, he would get best of treatment here, hence the risk he took coming over. Sigh!
Thank you.

@ilola said...

Sad ooo. It is just the same way it happened in Nigeria, that it's happening in the US. Thank God US is more equipped, so I know they will overcome it, like Nigeria did.

Jay Stan said...

Ebola: coming to America

J Ausserehl said...

Well, many nations have been at risk not just America. From Liberia to Nigeria. All I can say is we need to take responsibilities. He came in contact with the virus and still boarded a plane. I get that he could have gone to the USA for better medical help. Still he could have insisted on seeing a doc. The nurse should never have let him out of sight. I ha ent read the full story but I do hope this would become old news soon. I'm just more upset about the ignorance. I'm watching a series called the strain and it just feels a lot like that.
Anyways, I did a short review about your blog...hope you don't mind or find it offensive.
Happy independence (yesterday!)

New Dawn said...

Yes o, Lola.And it's the same anger and fear I have when It happened back home. And yes, US is well equipped and he would survive it, but at an expensive price. Thanks.

New Dawn said...

Welcome Stan.

New Dawn said...

J, I sincerely pray it becomes history, but the secondary contact number is increasing by the day...100 so far, and this morning news said, an American camera-man covering the ebola-news in Libera has tested positive and is flown back to US to be treated. The question is,; Is ebola air-borne? Because the camera-man took all necessary precautions, so how did he contact it? SIGH!
Duncan lied on the questionnaire that he had not got in contact with any ebola victim prior to traveling. The Liberia President said, he would be persecuted when he gets well and comes back to his country.
Review? I don't mind, nor I am offended :)
Thank you.

Tamie said...

This just sounds like the Patrick Sawyer case to Nigeria. They both knew they had a high possibilities of being I infected, they werent initially forth coming with theit history of contact with ebola,they didn't look at the big picture of the kinda exposure their travelling would cause, they actually just thought of themselves getting help. Am grateful Nigeria moved past it. And I do hope none of those under surveillance in America turn out positive.

New Dawn said...

That is where my anger lays; They thought of only themselves! Thanks Tamie.