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Sunday, September 21, 2014


Hubby came home with red eyes. I asked, 'what happened?' He said he had been crying since he watched a video sent to him. He showed us. We were all crying.
My 6 year old son was saying, 'mummy, let her stop! Let her stop!'  'Was she arrested? Our children asked. I replied, 'I don't know, but will google her. Only for my  6 year old son to climb on my bed this early morning to ask me,'if I had googled her?' Knowing how determined he can be when he wants something, I said, 'yes, she was arrested and punished in the prison'. He smiled, with a satisfactory nod and went back to his room.  PLEASE I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO HER AFTER SHE WAS RELEASED FROM JAIL #crying#

Why such cruelty to a child? why? And from a MOTHER? Why such anger? #crying#

Last week, the news showed a nanny slapping a 3-4 months baby thrice on the face! She didn't know her employer planted a camera in the house to a live feed. I was mad! Creche still remains the best if I may advise working mothers.

Good-morning to y'all. It's 9:36a.m.
P.s. Is September 22nd  resumption date still standing?
p.s.s. 22nd September is my dad's birthday. Please join me to thank GOD for HIS grace upon my dad.

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