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Sunday, September 07, 2014


I heard of a situation recently, where a couple who came to birth their child here, was asking for help from friends because they were billed above the budgeted cost due to complication that arose. To his surprise, none were able to come to his aid. The amount is same with the minimum monthly wage here. Those that have come here to birth their children or seek medical attention, would tell you that, your pocket must be well lined. If the couple were back home, they would have gotten the money within few days.

I remembered a story where a man came here for a seminar, he found
himself short of $100 to complete an application. Nobody could give him the amount before the deadline. He had to call Nigeria, and the money was sent to him. A family went to spend 2 weeks holiday in Nigeria, and gave their hostess $100 as gift instead of buying items. They spent few days with them. The hostess did not appreciate the money because she ran her 2 diesel generators 24/7 and prepared sumptuous meals for the visiting family of 6, and provided other entertainment, all this from her small business because her husband was retired. A man complained how his wife nags about the $100 he sends every fortnight when he receives his pay, apart from items he sends to them for their needs.
What and where am I going with all these stories? I just want to say that, it is not out of stinginess or wickedness, some people don't want to help, but because they have to settle all their utility bills, credits, insurance FIRSTLY,buy groceries & toiletries at home SECONDLY, and send the obligatory stipend back home THIRDLY. And  then, see what is left, which truthfully speaking might not be enough to help out. A friend thought of giving $100, but wondered if they would appreciate it? Because it is like a tiny drop, that would barely make a ripple, since he knows how some visiting Nigerians think! what is #15k, when they spent millions coming over to visit sef? 

Have a fulfilled week ahead. #Team wash hands awlays#