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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Captivating title huh? I watched out of curiosity because it was rated 2. I gave it 5 stars and decided to tell y'all about it, because it raised valid point. If you have not watched it before, please do so
 with an open-mind to understand the message passed:

GOD is not a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim or a Hindu, GOD is simply L-O-V-E! HE wants us to give to the poor rather than erecting edifice and performing activities in HIS name!

It's about time we all learn to ask questions! I believe GOD can appear to anybody in whatever form HE likes, and still pass the same message because HE is not an author of confusion! It's humans that create the confusion for personal gains! HE is AGAINST any form of IDOL WORSHIPPING! Your idol can be your jewelries, clothings, money, spouse or a person.The scripture says, we should test all spirits by asking whom they serve? And we should all work out our own salvation with trembling and fears. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Hubby came home with red eyes. I asked, 'what happened?' He said he had been crying since he watched a video sent to him. He showed us. We were all crying.My 6 year old son was saying, 'mummy, let her stop! Let her stop!'  'Was she arrested? Our children asked. I replied, 'I don't know, but will google her. Only for my  6 year old son to climb on my bed this early morning to ask me,'if I had googled her?' Knowing how determined he can be when he wants something, I said, 'yes, she was arrested and punished in the prison'. He smiled, with a satisfactory nod and went back to his room.  PLEASE I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO HER AFTER SHE WAS RELEASED FROM JAIL #crying#

Why such cruelty to a child? why? And from a MOTHER? Why such anger? #crying#

Last week, the news showed a nanny slapping a 3-4 months baby thrice on the face! She didn't know her employer planted a camera in the house to a live feed. I was mad! Creche still remains the best if I may advise working mothers.

Good-morning to y'all. It's 9:36a.m.
P.s. Is September 22nd  resumption date still standing?
p.s.s. 22nd September is my dad's birthday. Please join me to thank GOD for HIS grace upon my dad.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

MY 7'S

All about MOI!

I update while doing #2 

 Most times I sit on the floor to eat.

I like real court drama, When it comes to money, expect anything!

I am always on the edge of my seat when watching paternity court. I wept when I watched the above episode. Women shaaaa! Kai! 

I likeee Bart Baker parodies, this guy is simply fun, ahahhaa!

I like Matthew Santoro 10's! He is witty as intelligent.

This is my fav sleeping position

So my guys, what are your own 7's?

Friday, September 12, 2014


Once again, the Nigerian community buzzed with the news of a woman who passed away and laid the blame on her children. The woman struggled alone to bring up her 2 sons, who got married to white ladies. She grew old and was taken to a nursing home, she expected the eldest son to take her into his home as our culture demands. They said, IF the sons have married Nigerian women, she won't have died so soon. 

I asked; Do they know the type of accommodation the children live in? Do they know the nature of their jobs?
Do they know their financial status? And what makes them to think that Nigerian wives like the idea of their MILs living with them permanently? And are Nigerian wives super-human? They would look after husband, children, themselves, cook & clean and they are still expected to take care of their MILs! I will not shut-up o! LET THE TRUTH BE SAID FOR ONCE!

I was asked if I was the MIL nko? Afterall, I would be one someday. {amen o}. In all honesty, I said, I would prefer the nursing home, rather than stressing out anybody and I would have my space and privacy. If I was back home, I would prefer a live-in-help. Did someone say; 'When you love your parents, you would let them stay with you?!' Lemme tell you one naked bitter truth if you

would believe; Even the most loving child, gets weighed down of looking after a frail old parent, especially when s/he needs full attention. This is where I get very angry with our Nigerian men; THEY WOULD LEAVE ALL THE CARING ON THE WIFE'S SHOULDER! Did I hear someone suggest they should have gotten someone to look after her, while the couples are out?! And I would ask, do you know if they could afford the expense? Care-givers charge by the hour, you know? And senior citizens who have worked and paid tax during their hay days, are entitled to benefits from the Government. In the nursing homes here, there are medical personnel and caregivers to look after them, activities are planned everyday, they socialize with each other, families and friends visit as often as they want and they do spend holidays with loved ones in their homes, so it's not as if one is forgotten.

I will end this conversation with this gist: A man brought his mother to live with him without informing the wife. She was sent away by her husband because she was troublesome to the other wives. This MIL saw her DIL as a 'co-wife' and was always vying for her son's attention whenever he came back from work by calling him into her room after his meal, and jested late into the night with burst of raucous laughter . The wife would wait for her husband until she fell asleep. Her MIL sang in parables, that one day, she told her, IT WAS HER MATRIMONIAL HOME AND NOT HERS! Of course, her husband scolded her! She began suffering in silence. One day, she was walking, lost in her thoughts, not knowing she was voicing it out, until, a stranger, asked her if she was ok? She broke down in tears and explained everything to the stranger, who advised her to be patient and prayerful, because only her husband had the power to make any decision about his mother.

She continued to endure, until a time came, her son had to be operated on. She sent her relative living with her to go home and get some food. The hospital was a walking distance away. Meanwhile, her husband was getting ready to leave for work and see them en-route. He had waved his mother good-bye, and walked out of the front entrance, only to forget something in his room, not to disturb his mother by ringing the bell, he let himself in through the back-kitchen door unknowing to his mother. The relative rang the bell and his mother answered. The relative entered into the kitchen and began dishing out food into the food flask, only for his mother to berate the relative not to finish the food at home. The man was shocked! His mother? The gal explained that her aunty and her son have not eaten for a while, so they would need plenty food, since nobody would be at home later in the day to visit. 'And so?' His mother replied. 'People at home would not eat?' The man could not believe his ears, and barged out of his room and shouted MA-AMI! The look on his mother's face was epic! She tried to explain, but he refused to listen and told the relative to take all she wanted, and asked his mother if she had bothered to visit her grandson in the hospital?

He got to the hospital, the wife cried when she heard what happened, and her husband apologized to her for never believing. Her husband called his father that he was sending his mother back to him! His father refused, that since she left, his home was peaceful. But she could live in an uncompleted building he had, if his son could complete a room for her inside. The son did, without telling his mother. When he told her she was leaving his home, she refused and began quarreling with his wife. Even his married sister came and cussed out his wife! He drove her there himself to ensured she arrived safely because he didn't trust his mother not to pull a fast one on him and get him into trouble!

I have these questions that has always being at the back of my mind; Why don't we hear stories about father-in-laws & son-in-laws scuffle? and why don't father-in-laws live with any of their children in Nigeria?

Have a blessed weekend. # Team wash hands always with soap#

Sunday, September 07, 2014


I heard of a situation recently, where a couple who came to birth their child here, was asking for help from friends because they were billed above the budgeted cost due to complication that arose. To his surprise, none were able to come to his aid. The amount is same with the minimum monthly wage here. Those that have come here to birth their children or seek medical attention, would tell you that, your pocket must be well lined. If the couple were back home, they would have gotten the money within few days.

I remember a story where a man came here for a seminar, he found
himself short of $100 to complete an application. Nobody could give him the amount before the deadline. He had to call Nigeria, and the money was sent to him. A family went to spend 2 weeks holiday in Nigeria, and gave their hostess $100 as gift instead of buying items. They spent few days with them. The hostess did not appreciate the money because she ran her 2 diesel generators 24/7 and prepared sumptuous meals for the visiting family of 6, and provided other entertainment, all this from her small business because her husband was retired.

 A man complained how his wife nags about the $100 he sends every fortnight when he receives his pay, apart from items he sends to them for their needs.What and where am I going with all these stories? I just want to say that, it is not out of stinginess or wickedness, some people don't want to help, but because they have to settle all their utility bills, credits, insurance FIRSTLY,buy groceries & toiletries at home SECONDLY, and send the obligatory stipend back home THIRDLY. And  then, see what is left, which truthfully speaking might not be enough to help out. A friend thought of giving $100, but wondered if they would appreciate it? Because it is like a tiny drop, that would barely make a ripple, since he knows how some visiting Nigerians think! what is #15k, when they spent millions coming over to visit sef? 

Have a fulfilled week ahead. #Team wash hands always#

Monday, September 01, 2014


Hey! My guys! You'all remember, this man I told you about ehn? Ok! I just learnt that his mistress got pregger the 2nd time and had an evacuation. She decided to have her uterus removed as a permanent solution. All efforts by his wife to savage their marriage is not yielding fruit at all! To make matter worst, he lied to the mistress he is getting separated from his wife, but from what I heard, she does not give a hoot if he is still married to her or not! Afterall, she has her own children from previous relationships and he loves her. He spends most of his time there.

I became so curious, that I asked more about his mistress and why this man refused to heed the advice of his fellow Nigerian men? I learnt that the mistress no be dudu 00! HA! NO WONDER THE MAN WAN KPEME INSIDE THERE!  HE-DIOT of the highest order! EHN! my pipo, you won't understand my exclamation o! It is an achievement to him o! A man that could barely woo a lady back home but managed to snag non-dudu for here, E GO DYE FOR THERE BE THAT NI!!!
WA-IT! Tori, never finis o! The man's mojo just awakened and his now playing the field! He is also chasing after a dudu babe by the side, who happens to be orhobo! The same nincompoop man that cussed me out! Yes! You'all guessed right! Am so pissed with him! He has an arrogant-I know- it- all-talkative- attitude that he has no genuine friends. They all rat him out, because he also bad-mouth their wives!
I pity am! He is playing with match-sticks! The annoying thing is that this  scally-wally man is still a Sunday school teacher!

Happy new month to you 'all. The 9th month is symbolic for child-bearing. Hence, every 'pregnancy' we carried, shall be delivered this September in Jesus name. AMEN!