Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Wow! Ediyemade  extended a hand of blog-ship to me by giving me the Liebster award. Thank you sistah. And what do people do when getting to know each other? They ask questions. So, J Ausserehl a.k.a.Phoenix wish to know the following about moi

1) WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT TROLLS? They have time on their hands o jare!
2) COKE OR DR PEPPER? None! Fanta.
3) JACK BAUER OR JAMES BOND? James Bond. Love the song, gadgets and swaggalicious arrogance!
4) WHAT’S THE BEST MEAL YOU HAVE EVER HAD? Hmmm, none comes to my mind but if cake can be counted as a meal, banana cake is the best meal I ever had!
5) IF YOU HAD TO PLAY A ROLE AS A SUPERHERO, WHICH WOULD YOU BE? Ha! I would like to be a super-monk o! I would have the gift of premonition, the ability to freeze time and elevate objects.
7) WHAT’S THE MOST HILARIOUS THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU?  #Lemme think...#....still thinking...
8) CAKES OR ICE CREAM? CAKE! Cake! C-a-k-eee!!!
9) YOU JUST GOT 1HOUR WITH DONALD TRUMP, WHAT WOULD YOU SELL HIM?  KAI! What would I sell to a billionaire ooo? I seriously, dunno! You think 1 hour is enough for me to get over the excitement sef? ahahaha
10) WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO GET OFF YOUR BED? A new dawn brings a NEW HOPE and FAITH to face another day.
11) WHAT HAS BEEN THE MOST IMPORTANT LIFE LESSON YOU LEARNED?  Is it apart from putting all my trust in GOD, and no condition is permanent and silence is golden? Then the most important lesson in all my 40 years of sojourn on this earth is: MY OWN, YOUR OWN AND OUR OWN, IS SO DIFFERENT!

I am to follow this set of rules:
1) You link back to who nominated you  Done!
2) Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you checked!
3)  Once all questions are answered, you nominate 11 bloggers with less followers, giving 11 questions of your choice. May I leave this open?
4) You cannot nominate the blogger who tagged you Got it!
5) Provide a link to the post for the bloggers you nominate, letting them know you tagged them. Noted.
Ok, my guys! It's a pleasure. #shakes hand firmly#


  1. Lol. Nice knowing you more. So you are a cake woman, abi?

    1. @ilola: I am oo :)

      @Phoenix: It was a pleasure sistah :) Jack Bauer was the first seasonal film I watched but got impatient waiting for it to conclude finally.

      @ Sykik: Ha! You too? :)

      @GNG: V-A-N-I-L-L-AAAA! :D

  2. Hahaha! Funny. Yeah Mr bond does have an arrogance about him that you just looooovvveeeee!!! That was a tough one for me as I'm a die hard fan of both characters!!!
    Life really is more than just a slice of cake with you!!! Thanks for answering!!!!!

  3. I love cake oh....chocolate cake sha.....i am trying to break the addiction sef....I think the correct thing is to say I am addicted to chocolate

  4. You're so cute! Let me ask you one more question now that I know you love cake: chocolate or vanilla?