Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Food! Humph! What this has caused in families, you won't believe! No matter how we try to play the ostrich over this matter, food still remains the major issue in every household! The system of operation depends on the size of the family and income! 'You can't use your 10 fingers to eat' so says a parable; One has to know how to live within a certain budget and save for the rainy days. With the state of the global economy, many are making drastic adjustment to survive. Hence, it's wrong to mock or cuss out anybody on their modus operandi!

Payday for some people are either monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or daily. Regardless of one's method of income, there MUST be some basics at home. I am talking of non-perishable foods, like grains, dried condiments and canned foods.The quantity and brand depends on the pocket of the individuals.


The system of distribution also varies; There is the system where everybody is allowed to dish out their foods themselves. The other system is ; whosoever cooks, dishes out the food for everybody. There is the pro and con in each system of operation and distribution. From my experience, I have come to like the monthly and bi-weekly bulk shopping. It saves cost and stress. And I like one person to be in charge of dishing out the food, rather than everybody going to the pot, so as to avoid issues of 'I dunno' and food-abuse. For instance; When asked; 'Is there more rice?' The reply; 'We dunno, who ate last?' Or, I open the pot, and see a meatless soup! Believe me, it can be embarrassing when one want to serve a guest! I remembered a guy who complained that, his cousin is fond of using his spoon to knock on each piece of meat to know which is boneless before picking the biggest! {Presently, my kids dish out their own food, because they seldom eat solids and grains, infact, I 'open-eye' for them to eat pepper-stuff o! You think, my cooking is that bad huh?}

I am talking about this because an extended relative complained that the new comer in their home eats a lot! I laughed, though, I understood his pain. They live on a monthly budget and he is feeling the pinch. They don't know how to tell him to reduce his eating, so as not to look bad. Food is a hot topic amongst women in the market, in between haggling price with the seller, discussion is going on o! New tips and recipes are learnt through this way, I tell you.

What about time of eating? People take breakfast, lunch and dinner at various hours depending on their lifestyle and age of family members. Some families take breakfast as early as 7 :00am, Lunch 1:00pm and dinner 6:00pm. Presently, it's 1:12pm and am just having my breakfast of iyan with ewedu & stew with brokoto, while I type. My kids are in the kitchen preparing their brunch of mac and cheese. Now, if a guest or relative comes to my home, it is either I adjust my routine to suit the person, or the person conforms to mine!

Conclusively, when I hear people say, what's in food sef?, these  thoughts comes into my head;

1}The person does not have many mouths to feed!
2}The money does not come out of the person's pocket!
3}The person is not the one doing the cooking!
4}The person is not the one managing the family resources!
5}The person is a relative living with a relation!

Ok, my guys, may the days ahead be peaceful. #ebola-aware#