Sunday, August 03, 2014


I attended a Nigeria church wedding yesterday for the first time in diaspora. My first surprise was the time of the wedding; It was at 3:45pm! But trust 9jas nau! It didn't start until 4:15pm! But the officiating was quick; I hour! We were seated at our table by 5:30pm. I liked as the reception hall was within the church building and the sitting arrangement; 5-6 guests to a table. About 22 tables in all. But again, I trust my pipo, some tables had reserved cards on them! We jejely, went to seat at the extreme end, with enough space for us.

My second surprise was the lack of rowdiness associated with Nigeria weddings, especially food serving time! Me-hn! Everybody maintain o! It was a buffet style and guests went according to table numbers; The bridal train were the first to serve themselves, the officiating pastors were served at their tables, before guests lined up to dish out their food from the array of food displayed. Which brings me to the third surprise;
I saw this;
 And I asked what was it; Moi-moi, the lady said; I was impressed because it was innovative of the person who came up with this idea. Yep! It was first time for me o. All plates, cutleries and cups were disposable! Now! That, saves energy from washing, and breaking plates. Everything was in excess. We did not even drink our wine sef! Left it on the table with the remaining soda and bottled water. Humph! For 9ja, that bottle of wine go disappear, before we turn our back sef!

We left by 7:30pm, the day was still bright, since it's summer, and arrived home 8:00pm. I was tired, after our bath, I slept off with my baby and we woke up past 12 a.m, baby didn't fall asleep until past 3:00a.m. So, I decided to quickly gist you guys before he wakes up again. It was a simple and enjoyable wedding. I wish the newest couple in town, a happy married life. Now! I am hungry oo, it's 4:00a.m, lemme go and get something to eat....ok, my friends, it's good morining to y'all.