Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Schools resumed 2 days ago and my baby turned 8 months old today! Both his lower and upper teeth are out and he has window teeth like his dad! I love gap-toothed smile. I have much to do now, since the kids are back to school, I really enjoyed their 3 months holiday at home. Right now, I ought to be sleeping, as baby is sleeping, but I wanted to update quickly, before he wakes up and all my attention would be on him.

I know it is said that,mothers should sleep anytime their babies sleep, but I don't follow such rule because, it's the time for me to do something for myself. Like take a bath, prepare my breakfast, and do the laundry or wash the bathroom when I was back home then. This morning, I quickly took my bath as the kids were preparing for school, because I observed for the past 2 days that he sleeps for about an hour! Which is not enough for me to bath and prepare my breakfast. I ought to be preparing my breakfast right now, but my love for blogging took over!

Keeping my home baby friendly is a priority to me rather than aesthetic. I rearranged furnitures to create a wider space for playing and blocked exit to the kitchen. I avoided furnitures with glass tops and sharp edges. I am always sweeping and picking any object from the floor to avoid him falling on them or putting it into his mouth. Shoes and slippers are off the floor, wires are pinned up on the wall, to avoid him pulling them down. Sockets are cellotaped, to avoid him sticking his fingers into them or licking it. All, chargers are unplugged when not used. Bathroom door is always locked! All cleaning chemical and detergent are hidden in the uppermost cabinet in my kitchen instead of the  bathroom cabinet.

 I blocked the TV stand stand, to prevent him from picking the remote control and wanting to use it as a support to stand up. I remembered back home, I rearranged the furniture in my home when my hubby was hosting his friends. One of his friends said that, he thought, I didn't know how to arrange a home whenever he came visiting. I was surprised to hear such, and explained to him that, I pushed all the settees against the wall, parallel to each other, so as to create a wider margin for them to play, since the sitting room is not big and they cannot play outside often, and I can block the entrance of the sitting room, to prevent them going into the kitchen when am busy.

Child's-gate is used here to block entrances, exits, stair-ways. Floors
Child's gate:Source
are well padded, babies are mostly left in their play-cot and plastic covers are used to block the sockets. The kitchen and bathroom are the two most dangerous places in the home. So all my attention is focused on them. I had a visitor last week, she jumped over a settee to sit down o, she laughed, because as a mother also, she understood.

Have a blessed week ahead everyone. # Please, wash your hands often#