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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Schools resumed 2 days ago and my baby turned 8 months old today! Both his lower and upper teeth are out and he has window teeth like his dad! I love gap-toothed smile. I have much to do now, since the kids are back to school, I really enjoyed their 3 months holiday at home. Right now, I ought to be sleeping, as baby is sleeping, but I wanted to update quickly, before he wakes up and all my attention would be on him.

I know it is said that,mothers should sleep anytime their babies sleep, but I don't follow such rule because, it's the time for me to do something for myself. Like take a bath, prepare my breakfast, and do the laundry or wash the bathroom when I was back home then. This morning, I quickly took my bath as the kids were preparing for school, because I observed for the past 2 days that he sleeps for about an hour! Which is not enough for me to bath and prepare my breakfast. I ought to be preparing my breakfast right now, but my love for blogging took over!

Keeping my home baby friendly is a priority to me rather than aesthetic. I rearranged furnitures to create a wider space for playing and blocked exit to the kitchen. I avoided furnitures with glass tops and sharp edges. I am always sweeping and picking any object from the floor to avoid him falling on them or putting it into his mouth. Shoes and slippers are off the floor, wires are pinned up on the wall, to avoid him pulling them down. Sockets are cellotaped, to avoid him sticking his fingers into them or licking it. All, chargers are unplugged when not used. Bathroom door is always locked! All cleaning chemical and detergent are hidden in the uppermost cabinet in my kitchen instead of the  bathroom cabinet.

 I blocked the TV stand stand, to prevent him from picking the remote control and wanting to use it as a support to stand up. I remembered back home, I rearranged the furniture in my home when my hubby was hosting his friends. One of his friends said that, he thought, I didn't know how to arrange a home whenever he came visiting. I was surprised to hear such, and explained to him that, I pushed all the settees against the wall, parallel to each other, so as to create a wider margin for them to play, since the sitting room is not big and they cannot play outside often, and I can block the entrance of the sitting room, to prevent them going into the kitchen when am busy.

Child's-gate is used here to block entrances, exits, stair-ways. Floors
Child's gate:Source
are well padded, babies are mostly left in their play-cot and plastic covers are used to block the sockets. The kitchen and bathroom are the two most dangerous places in the home. So all my attention is focused on them. I had a visitor last week, she jumped over a settee to sit down o, she laughed, because as a mother also, she understood.

Have a blessed week ahead everyone. # Please, wash your hands often#

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Wow! Ediyemade  extended a hand of blog-ship to me by giving me the Liebster award. Thank you sistah. And what do people do when getting to know each other? They ask questions. So, J Ausserehl a.k.a.Phoenix wish to know the following about moi

1) WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT TROLLS? They have time on their hands o jare!
2) COKE OR DR PEPPER? None! Fanta.
3) JACK BAUER OR JAMES BOND? James Bond. Love the song, gadgets and swaggalicious arrogance!
4) WHAT’S THE BEST MEAL YOU HAVE EVER HAD? Hmmm, none comes to my mind but if cake can be counted as a meal, banana cake is the best meal I ever had!
5) IF YOU HAD TO PLAY A ROLE AS A SUPERHERO, WHICH WOULD YOU BE? Ha! I would like to be a super-monk o! I would have the gift of premonition, the ability to freeze time and elevate objects.
7) WHAT’S THE MOST HILARIOUS THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU?  #Lemme think...#....still thinking...
8) CAKES OR ICE CREAM? CAKE! Cake! C-a-k-eee!!!
9) YOU JUST GOT 1HOUR WITH DONALD TRUMP, WHAT WOULD YOU SELL HIM?  KAI! What would I sell to a billionaire ooo? I seriously, dunno! You think 1 hour is enough for me to get over the excitement sef? ahahaha
10) WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO GET OFF YOUR BED? A new dawn brings a NEW HOPE and FAITH to face another day.
11) WHAT HAS BEEN THE MOST IMPORTANT LIFE LESSON YOU LEARNED?  Is it apart from putting all my trust in GOD, and no condition is permanent and silence is golden? Then the most important lesson in all my 40 years of sojourn on this earth is: MY OWN, YOUR OWN AND OUR OWN, IS SO DIFFERENT!

I am to follow this set of rules:
1) You link back to who nominated you  Done!
2) Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you checked!
3)  Once all questions are answered, you nominate 11 bloggers with less followers, giving 11 questions of your choice. May I leave this open?
4) You cannot nominate the blogger who tagged you Got it!
5) Provide a link to the post for the bloggers you nominate, letting them know you tagged them. Noted.
Ok, my guys! It's a pleasure. #shakes hand firmly#

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Food! Humph! What this has caused in families, you won't believe! No matter how we try to play the ostrich over this matter, food still remains the major issue in every household! The system of operation depends on the size of the family and income! 'You can't use your 10 fingers to eat' so says a parable; One has to know how to live within a certain budget and save for the rainy days. With the state of the global economy, many are making drastic adjustment to survive. Hence, it's wrong to mock or cuss out anybody on their modus operandi!

Payday for some people are either monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or daily. Regardless of one's method of income, there MUST be some basics at home. I am talking of non-perishable foods, like grains, dried condiments and canned foods.The quantity and brand depends on the pocket of the individuals.


The system of distribution also varies; There is the system where everybody is allowed to dish out their foods themselves. The other system is ; whosoever cooks, dishes out the food for everybody. There is the pro and con in each system of operation and distribution. From my experience, I have come to like the monthly and bi-weekly bulk shopping. It saves cost and stress. And I like one person to be in charge of dishing out the food, rather than everybody going to the pot, so as to avoid issues of 'I dunno' and food-abuse. For instance; When asked; 'Is there more rice?' The reply; 'We dunno, who ate last?' Or, I open the pot, and see a meatless soup! Believe me, it can be embarrassing when one want to serve a guest! I remembered a guy who complained that, his cousin is fond of using his spoon to knock on each piece of meat to know which is boneless before picking the biggest! {Presently, my kids dish out their own food, because they seldom eat solids and grains, infact, I 'open-eye' for them to eat pepper-stuff o! You think, my cooking is that bad huh?}

I am talking about this because an extended relative complained that the new comer in their home eats a lot! I laughed, though, I understood his pain. They live on a monthly budget and he is feeling the pinch. They don't know how to tell him to reduce his eating, so as not to look bad. Food is a hot topic amongst women in the market, in between haggling price with the seller, discussion is going on o! New tips and recipes are learnt through this way, I tell you.

What about time of eating? People take breakfast, lunch and dinner at various hours depending on their lifestyle and age of family members. Some families take breakfast as early as 7 :00am, Lunch 1:00pm and dinner 6:00pm. Presently, it's 1:12pm and am just having my breakfast of iyan with ewedu & stew with brokoto, while I type. My kids are in the kitchen preparing their brunch of mac and cheese. Now, if a guest or relative comes to my home, it is either I adjust my routine to suit the person, or the person conforms to mine!

Conclusively, when I hear people say, what's in food sef?, these  thoughts comes into my head;

1}The person does not have many mouths to feed!
2}The money does not come out of the person's pocket!
3}The person is not the one doing the cooking!
4}The person is not the one managing the family resources!
5}The person is a relative living with a relation!

Ok, my guys, may the days ahead be peaceful. #ebola-aware#

Thursday, August 07, 2014


HEY! My guys! You won't believe what happened to me this morning O!
My house-phone rang!
Caller: Hi, is this xxx?

caller: I am an attorney working with the IRS.
ND: Ok.
caller: It is showing in our system that you are owing IRS.
ND: {Shocked} Owing?
caller: Yes! Did you not receive any notification?
ND: No!

caller: From our record it shows you were notified twice, by the local police and by mail, and we have your #SSN.
ND: Please, can you start all over again? Because, I don't understand what you are saying.{Buying time to collect my thoughts}
caller: I said, I am an IRS attorney, and you are a suspect of IRS, because you owe them. And your suspect  ID number is xxx. My name is WWW. My bar ID number is ###. Do you have a criminal lawyer to represent you?
ND:  OK.{I became suspicious because of his name! His name does not fit his  race-accent!} I don't have a criminal lawyer.
caller: Ok, I want to inform you that you are owing $k and ....
ND: {cuts in} W-H-A-T?!! I am not even working! How can I owe? {Confirmed he was a con-man, because I and hubby filed our tax together when we both worked.} Do you know what? I would give you a call back after I make some investigation on my part...
caller: {cuts in} I won't be here when you call back, there are other people and I have 2 mins to spare, and this conversation is recorded...
ND: LISTEN! I would call you back after talking to some people....
caller:{cuts in} You cannot share this info with a 3rd party and... 

He called back immediately, I ignored it and sent a message to hubby to be alert.

Hubby called the number and played along to get more info. The caller was anxious for me to pay the $$$$ and even mentioned our home address! Hubby asked what year I owned? He said; 2008-2012! #which year, I come obodo oyibo ooo!# Hubby told him off and he was angry and threatened my hubby that the conversation was recorded and can call the police. Hubby said, no problem, we would meet in court if he press charges! And hubby dropped the phone, and immediately went to IRS website and saw this:

This is an excerpt from the website, and the caller fitted all the description to the T! 

 characteristics of this scam include:
  • Scammers use fake names and IRS badge numbers. They generally use common names and surnames to identify themselves.
  • Scammers may be able to recite the last four digits of a victim’s Social Security number.
  • Scammers spoof the IRS toll-free number on caller ID to make it appear that it’s the IRS calling.
  • Scammers sometimes send bogus IRS emails to some victims to support their bogus calls.
  • Victims hear background noise of other calls being conducted to mimic a call site.
  • After threatening victims with jail time or driver’s license revocation, scammers hang up and others soon call back pretending to be from the local police or DMV, and the caller ID supports their claim.

Sunday, August 03, 2014


I attended a Nigeria church wedding yesterday for the first time in diaspora. My first surprise was the time of the wedding; It was at 3:45pm! But trust 9jas nau! It didn't start until 4:15pm! But the officiating was quick; I hour! We were seated at our table by 5:30pm. I liked as the reception hall was within the church building and the sitting arrangement; 5-6 guests to a table. About 22 tables in all. But again, I trust my pipo, some tables had reserved cards on them! We jejely, went to seat at the extreme end, with enough space for us.

My second surprise was the lack of rowdiness associated with Nigeria weddings, especially food serving time! Me-hn! Everybody maintain o! It was a buffet style and guests went according to table numbers; The bridal train were the first to serve themselves, the officiating pastors were served at their tables, before guests lined up to dish out their food from the array of food displayed. Which brings me to the third surprise;
I saw this;
 And I asked what was it; Moi-moi, the lady said; I was impressed because it was innovative of the person who came up with this idea. Yep! It was first time for me o. All plates, cutleries and cups were disposable! Now! That, saves energy from washing, and breaking plates. Everything was in excess. We did not even drink our wine sef! Left it on the table with the remaining soda and bottled water. Humph! For 9ja, that bottle of wine go disappear, before we turn our back sef!

We left by 7:30pm, the day was still bright, since it's summer, and arrived home 8:00pm. I was tired, after our bath, I slept off with my baby and we woke up past 12 a.m, baby didn't fall asleep until past 3:00a.m. So, I decided to quickly gist you guys before he wakes up again. It was a simple and enjoyable wedding. I wish the newest couple in town, a happy married life. Now! I am hungry oo, it's 4:00a.m, lemme go and get something to eat....ok, my friends, it's good morining to y'all.