Sunday, July 27, 2014

Y'ALL INVITED! 7/27/2014

Today is my 13th wedding anniversary! And my baby is 7 months old!
He is holding on to objects to stand up. #so eager to walk with his siblings#. I have once talked about the inter-tribal and religious challenges in our marriage and how we overcame them in my old blog. So, I won't bore you guys with that again! Then, what should I talk about now? Hmmm, give advise on marriage? Nay! I have learnt that, advise is like an a**hole, and everybody has one! OK! I would talk about I and hubby!

I am an introvert while hubby is an extrovert. He do ask me sometimes, if I don't get bored being by myself all day? And wonders why I don't like or enjoy going out. For instance, they have all left for a pre-wedding picnic while am at home alone with my baby, who is sleeping. The truth is that, I enjoy my own company and know how to entertain myself. Back home, when I needed a breather, I went to the market, by the time I spent a hour there, am ok. Now, I do more blog runs when I want to socialize, since no man is an Island. He does not talk much compared to me, hence, I always have the upper hand when we argue or quarrel. Whenever, am spoiling for a fight, he would avoid it and tell me, he does not want to fight, rather, he would give me the silent treatment. Oh! How I dislike that! We have come to accept each other flaws and make the best use of our strength. One of my flaws is my anger; When angry, I say things, I later regret. One of his flaws is; he is not a patient teacher! Because of his high I.Q, he expects one should be able to grasp things once. Me-hn! We quarreled a lot when he was teaching me driving! One of my strength is my endurance, he knows I can adapt to any situation. While his, is pro-activeness. Hubby always anticipate ahead and prepare for it, so his optimism counter-balance my pessimism.

We have learnt to compromise on some issues. For example, he eats whatever I give him, without complaining. He does not like certain foods like Okro and Egusi, which I like, so I avoid it. Talking of food, his best is fried plantain and eggs. Truthfully speaking, I don't have any best food, well, if you can count vanilla cake as food, then you have it! And, the words; Please, sorry and thanks are part of our daily vocabulary at home. Remember, I said in my previous post that I offended him? I apologized when he came back from work that evening. When he wants me to help him out with something, he asks;'Please can you iron few shirts for me? And when I do, he says; 'Thank you! Just as I say thank-you when he gave me the monthly up-keep back home and does the  grocery shopping here. Still on shirts, his favourite colour is striped blue. While, I like neutral colours.

We have come to know each other well,that we tease ourselves a lot! We analyse issues, books and movies. We argue and quarrel over money and family matters. And sometimes we pray together. My pipo, it's being a journey of both happy and trying moments. Our marriage is not a fairy tale one, but that of contentment and stability with the support of OUR father. Please, 
I want y'all to join us in popping a bottle of champagne and say thank you to almighty Jehovah for HIS grace and blessings upon us, as we dance to one of my fav songs. # I only have a bottle of cranberry

juice though# ...ahahahasee the translations here