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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Y'ALL INVITED! 7/27/2014

Today is my 13th wedding anniversary! And my baby is 7 months old!
He is holding on to objects to stand up. #so eager to walk with his siblings#. I have once talked about the inter-tribal and religious challenges in our marriage and how we overcame them in my old blog. So, I won't bore you guys with that again! Then, what should I talk about now? Hmmm, give advise on marriage? Nay! I have learnt that, advise is like an a**hole, and everybody has one! OK! I would talk about I and hubby!

I am an introvert while hubby is an extrovert. He do ask me sometimes, if I don't get bored being by myself all day? And wonders why I don't like or enjoy going out. For instance, they have all left for a pre-wedding picnic while am at home alone with my baby, who is sleeping. The truth is that, I enjoy my own company and know how to entertain myself. Back home, when I needed a breather, I went to the market, by the time I spent a hour there, am ok. Now, I do more blog runs when I want to socialize, since no man is an Island. He does not talk much compared to me, hence, I always have the upper hand when we argue or quarrel. Whenever, am spoiling for a fight, he would avoid it and tell me, he does not want to fight, rather, he would give me the silent treatment. Oh! How I dislike that! We have come to accept each other flaws and make the best use of our strength. One of my flaws is my anger; When angry, I say things, I later regret. One of his flaws is; he is not a patient teacher! Because of his high I.Q, he expects one should be able to grasp things once. Me-hn! We quarreled a lot when he was teaching me driving! One of my strength is my endurance, he knows I can adapt to any situation. While his, is pro-activeness. Hubby always anticipate ahead and prepare for it, so his optimism counter-balance my pessimism.

We have learnt to compromise on some issues. For example, he eats whatever I give him, without complaining. He does not like certain foods like Okro and Egusi, which I like, so I avoid it. Talking of food, his best is fried plantain and eggs. Truthfully speaking, I don't have any best food, well, if you can count vanilla cake as food, then you have it! And, the words; Please, sorry and thanks are part of our daily vocabulary at home. Remember, I said in my previous post that I offended him? I apologized when he came back from work that evening. When he wants me to help him out with something, he asks;'Please can you iron few shirts for me? And when I do, he says; 'Thank you! Just as I say thank-you when he gave me the monthly up-keep back home and does the  grocery shopping here. Still on shirts, his favourite colour is striped blue. While, I like neutral colours.

We have come to know each other well,that we tease ourselves a lot! We analyse issues, books and movies. We argue and quarrel over money and family matters. And sometimes we pray together. My pipo, it's being a journey of both happy and trying moments. Our marriage is not a fairy tale one, but that of contentment and stability with the support of OUR father. Please, 
I want y'all to join us in popping a bottle of champagne and say thank you to almighty Jehovah for HIS grace and blessings upon us, as we dance to one of my fav songs. # I only have a bottle of cranberry

juice though# ...ahahahasee the translations here


Highly Favored said...

Blessed Anniversary to you and hubby. God bless you both and your union with continuous contentment, joy and peace; may the Lord be the center of your home to guide you both and continue to teach you how to be the best wife and husband one could ever ask for.

LadyNgo said...

happy anniversary madam! 13 years...i cant even stand some peoples company for 13 minutes lol. congrats to you both :)

@ilola said...

Awwww, now you are gonna make me cry. This is one of my favourite posts on your blog.

I wish you a happy wedding anniversary, and may God make the next 50 yrs of your marriage far better than the previous 13. Here's a big hug from to you and your hubby, who I know loves me, by the way.

Ms. sTing said...

Happy anniversary. Wishing you many more to come.

Atoke said...

Happy Anniversary sistah! I am so sorry for my long silence, work has been especially hectic

Beautiful said...

Awwww happy wedding anniversary sis!!

MAny many many more years in marital bliss! and one more baby :D :D :D

Ugo Ukam said...

Happy Anniversary...May you enjoy many more sweeter years together>>>

Ugo Ukam said...

Happy Anniversary...May you enjoy many more sweeter years together>>>

Miss Onakz.... said...

Awww...congratulations!!! Happy Wedding Anniversary to you and hubby. May you both have many more wonderful years together.

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

Happy Anniversary to you both
I wish you happiness , laughter and prosperity xxxxxx

Andrea Ese said...

Happy anniversary. God bless you both.

sykik said...

Happy anniversary, I wish you many more blissful years in good health, peace, love, joy and everything good.

Like my Hubby says to me " you will both grow and age gracefully together till your teeth fall off and you feed each other with corned beef for meat" tell him that even at 100years I will still have teeth and breaking bones sef....

You will both see your children's children and always be a source of blessing to your generation.

Bear hugs

Toinlicious said...

Congratulations!!!! I'm jut shinning teeth here. I absolutely love how you know and love each other and it shines through your posts. Wishing you many more amazing years together. Maybe another ibeji even *flees*

MPB said...

Congratulations to you and your hubby!!! Refreshing post as usual

Atoskin said...

You are officially my senior colleague! 13 years is not a joke at all. I pray that God will continue to keep you together in love and also bless you beyond your wildest dreams!

'Lara A said...

I love you and your husband already...congratulations and happy anniversry. May you both live long together in happiness and great health.

New Dawn said...

@Highly Favoured, AMEN! Thank you so much! And GOD meet you also at your point of need and give you, your heart desire.

@Lady Ngo,ahaha, thank you dear.

@ilola, AMIN OOO. yeah, you one of his fav bloggers. Thanks dear.#hugging back#

@Ms Sting; Thanks sis.

New Dawn said...

@Atoke: I understand sistah. Thank you. How is work and family?

@Beautiful: Baby #6? #Praying back-to-sender-in double fold# ahahaha. Amen! Thanks dear.

@Ugo Ukam: Amen! Thank you :)

@Miss Onakz: AMIN! Thanks dear

New Dawn said...

@9jamum; So shall it be! Thanks sistah. xo

@Andrea Ese: I possess it! Thanks dear.

@Sykik; Ahahaha, I claim it! You too, shall see your children's children in Jesus name. Thanks sistah. xo

@Toin: Where you dey run go? Come back here and receive the same prayer with beautiful, infact yours would be quadruplet! ahahaha. Thank you my dear and amen!

New Dawn said...

@MPB, Thank you! :)

@Atsokin: AMIN OOO. ahahaha @ officially my senior. Yes ooo, it's not beans at all! Thanks sistah.

@Lara; AWW, thank you dear, and amen!

Good Naija Girl said...

Awww, this was a sweet post. Happy Anniversary (belatedly!) to you and your husband. May the two of you have many many more happy decades of love together!

New Dawn said...

@GNG: AMEN! and thank you :)

HoneyDame said...

Awww Nitty!!! Happy anniversary to you. This is quite a nice post. No fairy castles in the air....real!!! Again, happy anniversary!

New Dawn said...

@HD: Thank you very much my dear. I try my best to keep it real :)

Flo said...

Happy Wedding anniversary to you and hubby! Marriage is like wine, the older it gets the better. Keep the love alive. <3 <3

New Dawn said...

@Flo: Thank you very much sistah...indeed, like wine, shall it be! How is work?

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