Tuesday, July 15, 2014


 I want to give my POV on this issue; Marriages amongst
Nigerian immigrants is based on 2 reasons as I observed; Love or papers! 

Nigerian diasporas either marry from here or go back home to seek for a spouse.The underlying factor is that, immigrant Nigerian women come to find themselves in an environment, where the society place the key of power in their hands rather than the man, unlike back home, after the dotted lines are signed, the society puts the women in a strait jacket! The feeling is like that of a bird, who was given it's freedom, and it spread it's wings and soared high to the sky. Just as  some Nigerian men back home abuse the authority given to them, so do some Nigerian women here, take advantage of the law! Remember, it is always said, power, absolute power do corrupt!

The Christendom in diaspora is fully aware of the shenanigans that is going-on, but since everybody came to seek for the greener pasture, all eyes,ears,and mouths, plays, blind, deaf and dumb! It is in diaspora that I have come to see the GOD-understands-type-of-religion and the do-what-I-preach-and-not-what-I-do-god-of-men!

Do I have advise or recommendation for such situations? Unfortunately, I don't! Why? Because I haven't walked in their shoes, and relationship between a man and a woman is highly unpredictable! All, I can say is that; GOD, the creator of mankind can NEVER be mocked by HIS creatures! Ok! My guys! This is a good morning to you all. Going to bed.


  1. Nigerian couples in the diaspora are on another level...but then I can't judge them as I have never walked in their shoes.

  2. @Lara, HUMPH! My dear, they are o! I have adopted the siddon-dey-look-approach, because like we both said, we have not walked in their shoes. My only grouse is the pretentious air they put on for folks back home.And the holier-than-the-pope-attitude!

  3. Interesting one my sis. All I can say is that, God cannot be mocked....

  4. I remember once a European friend asked y African women change once they move out of Africa (this question came out of a drinking panadol moment where his Kenyan friends wife became "unafrican" his words) I was a bit upset with that ajuju becos he is the kind of man who believes a woman should do whatever a man orders. You live in a country where men are more important and then you move to another country where women are more important. What do you do? Bask in the ambience. The thing that sets you apart is how you deal with the change

  5. @Assuerehi; Basking in the ambience... Well you blame us?ahahahaha. My perspective on some things have changed but I know where and when to draw the line and not go over board. Just this morning, I sent hubby to the store to get me diapers for our baby before he left for work. I told him thank you because I know in Nigeria, my hubby does not even know where diapers are sold, talkless of the various sizes. This is one of the positive changes that have come into our life and I would not take abuse of it.
    Thanks for visiting :)

  6. Ahhhh, the thank you is a given!!!! Exactly what I say. Why abuse it when you can vet a daily dose of it in a healthy way? I grew up with my mum always doing everything and basically slaving over my dad and she doesn't quite get it when I get le hubs to do stuff I can easily do. Its a huge shock to her Lol. You are welcome. Will def trail on here!!