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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


 I want to give my POV on this issue; Marriages amongst
Nigerian immigrants is based on 2 reasons as I observed; Love or papers! 

Nigerian diasporas either marry from here or go back home to seek for a spouse.The underlying factor is that, immigrant Nigerian women come to find themselves in an environment, where the society place the key of power in their hands rather than the man, unlike back home, after the dotted lines are signed, the society puts the women in a strait jacket! The feeling is like that of a bird, who was given it's freedom, and it spread it's wings and soared high to the sky. Just as  some Nigerian men back home abuse the authority given to them, so do some Nigerian women here, take advantage of the law! Remember, it is always said, power, absolute power do corrupt!

The Christendom in diaspora is fully aware of the shenanigans that is going-on, but since everybody came to seek for the greener pasture, all eyes,ears,and mouths, plays, blind, deaf and dumb! It is in diaspora that I have come to see the GOD-understands-type-of-religion and the do-what-I-preach-and-not-what-I-do-god-of-men!

Do I have advise or recommendation for such situations? Unfortunately, I don't! Why? Because I haven't walked in their shoes, and relationship between a man and a woman is highly unpredictable! All, I can say is that; GOD, the creator of mankind can NEVER be mocked by HIS creatures! Ok! My guys! This is a good morning to you all. Going to bed.