Tuesday, July 01, 2014


When I first read her post, I said to myself, she is bold as she is intelligent! She speaks on issues many avoid! In this virtual world we live,the wrong choice of words could leave a permanent stain on a person, hence, many sugar-coat their narratives, but she stood with her head raised high and laid it all bare on the table as it is! I applauded her courage, because I know some would be snickering behind their hands, forgetting to remove the logs from their own eyes!

Yes! We Nigerians love to play the ostrich! We are quick to stereotype a situation, and go religious, ignoring the hand-writing on the wall, and when the eventuality happens, we go Hiyaah! Kpele o! Na wa! And plant our heads back  into the sand, dancing around blindly.

When some people are bold enough to pull their heads out of the sand and address the problem at hand, some would want to push them back and continue with the we-see-and-hear-no-evil-game!

Ms Sting, I doff my hat for you! I beat my chest for you as a fellow tribes-
source;Janine Weston Art portfolio
woman & blog-sistah.  And say; The Lord is your strength and like every other thing on earth, it shall also pass away.
E-loving Hug,Muah!