Sunday, July 27, 2014

Y'ALL INVITED! 7/27/2014

Today is my 13th wedding anniversary! And my baby is 7 months old!
He is holding on to objects to stand up. #so eager to walk with his siblings#. I have once talked about the inter-tribal and religious challenges in our marriage and how we overcame them in my old blog. So, I won't bore you guys with that again! Then, what should I talk about now? Hmmm, give advise on marriage? Nay! I have learnt that, advise is like an a**hole, and everybody has one! OK! I would talk about I and hubby!

I am an introvert while hubby is an extrovert. He do ask me sometimes, if I don't get bored being by myself all day? And wonders why I don't like or enjoy going out. For instance, they have all left for a pre-wedding picnic while am at home alone with my baby, who is sleeping. The truth is that, I enjoy my own company and know how to entertain myself. Back home, when I needed a breather, I went to the market, by the time I spent a hour there, am ok. Now, I do more blog runs when I want to socialize, since no man is an Island. He does not talk much compared to me, hence, I always have the upper hand when we argue or quarrel. Whenever, am spoiling for a fight, he would avoid it and tell me, he does not want to fight, rather, he would give me the silent treatment. Oh! How I dislike that! We have come to accept each other flaws and make the best use of our strength. One of my flaws is my anger; When angry, I say things, I later regret. One of his flaws is; he is not a patient teacher! Because of his high I.Q, he expects one should be able to grasp things once. Me-hn! We quarreled a lot when he was teaching me driving! One of my strength is my endurance, he knows I can adapt to any situation. While his, is pro-activeness. Hubby always anticipate ahead and prepare for it, so his optimism counter-balance my pessimism.

We have learnt to compromise on some issues. For example, he eats whatever I give him, without complaining. He does not like certain foods like Okro and Egusi, which I like, so I avoid it. Talking of food, his best is fried plantain and eggs. Truthfully speaking, I don't have any best food, well, if you can count vanilla cake as food, then you have it! And, the words; Please, sorry and thanks are part of our daily vocabulary at home. Remember, I said in my previous post that I offended him? I apologized when he came back from work that evening. When he wants me to help him out with something, he asks;'Please can you iron few shirts for me? And when I do, he says; 'Thank you! Just as I say thank-you when he gave me the monthly up-keep back home and does the  grocery shopping here. Still on shirts, his favourite colour is striped blue. While, I like neutral colours.

We have come to know each other well,that we tease ourselves a lot! We analyse issues, books and movies. We argue and quarrel over money and family matters. And sometimes we pray together. My pipo, it's being a journey of both happy and trying moments. Our marriage is not a fairy tale one, but that of contentment and stability with the support of OUR father. Please, 
I want y'all to join us in popping a bottle of champagne and say thank you to almighty Jehovah for HIS grace and blessings upon us, as we dance to one of my fav songs. # I only have a bottle of cranberry

juice though# ...ahahahasee the translations here

Friday, July 18, 2014


The book of proverbs is one of my favourite reads, likewise any ethnic saying like this Chinese parable I want you guys to interpret; 'The reed that bends to the breeze does not break.' While brainstorming on it, lemme, share these few proverbs and apply it to situations;

1}A prudent man foresees evil and he hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished.{22:3}. HUMPH! This pinched me because I have many times being the 'simple' and I got smacked really hard! I would liken this saying to what is happening in blogsphere; Religion, politics, sexuality and hair are controversial topics that some people keep their opinions to themselves {wise}, hence, nobody gat any ish to say about them, but someone like me who speaks, gets the s***! Which brings me to another saying: Whosoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles.{21:23} You see! I don't listen! That is why I am here talking about this! #Lord help me!#

2} Who can say; 'I have made my heart clean, I am pure from my sin?' {20:9} For every man way is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart. {21:2}
Hmmm, ain't we all guilty of this? Well, if you are not, I definitely am! Because I am doing it right now! #you get?#

3}A gift in secret, pacifies anger, and a bribe behind the back, a strong wrath.{21:14} ... I offended my hubby 2 days ago and he just dey carry face for me since,*side-eye* so I gat to do the needful...#putting on my thinking cap# I would also apply this saying; A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.{15:1}

4}Seldom set foot in your neighbour's house, lest he become weary of you and hate you! {25;17} Please all these relatives that knows only the direction to in-laws' house, abeg, respect yaself and siddon in your house!  And all these friends with the I- just-come-visit-attitude, abeg, e don do!  What is mobile network there for huh?

5}He who passes by and meddles in a quarrel not his own, is like one who takes a dog by the ears.{26:17}. OU-CH!!! My guys, I tried this nonsense while in school and joined a Christian sister to have an ish with somebody. Only for them to settle at my back and I was left with the towel hanging o! I was sooo, ashamed of myself ehn! I made peace with the person, and mind my business until I graduated. #over-sabi tinz#

Ok! My guys, that is the few am sharing for now. Meanwhile, I am waiting for your interpretation of the above-mentioned parable.#yes, go back up and read for those that always skip to the last paragraph#'ya!...ehehehe. Have a fun-blessed weekend.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


 I want to give my POV on this issue; Marriages amongst
Nigerian immigrants is based on 2 reasons as I observed; Love or papers! 

Nigerian diasporas either marry from here or go back home to seek for a spouse.The underlying factor is that, immigrant Nigerian women come to find themselves in an environment, where the society place the key of power in their hands rather than the man, unlike back home, after the dotted lines are signed, the society puts the women in a strait jacket! The feeling is like that of a bird, who was given it's freedom, and it spread it's wings and soared high to the sky. Just as  some Nigerian men back home abuse the authority given to them, so do some Nigerian women here, take advantage of the law! Remember, it is always said, power, absolute power do corrupt!

The Christendom in diaspora is fully aware of the shenanigans that is going-on, but since everybody came to seek for the greener pasture, all eyes,ears,and mouths, plays, blind, deaf and dumb! It is in diaspora that I have come to see the GOD-understands-type-of-religion and the do-what-I-preach-and-not-what-I-do-god-of-men!

Do I have advise or recommendation for such situations? Unfortunately, I don't! Why? Because I haven't walked in their shoes, and relationship between a man and a woman is highly unpredictable! All, I can say is that; GOD, the creator of mankind can NEVER be mocked by HIS creatures! Ok! My guys! This is a good morning to you all. Going to bed.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014


When I first read her post, I said to myself, she is bold as she is intelligent! She speaks on issues many avoid! In this virtual world we live,the wrong choice of words could leave a permanent stain on a person, hence, many sugar-coat their narratives, but she stood with her head raised high and laid it all bare on the table as it is! I applauded her courage, because I know some would be snickering behind their hands, forgetting to remove the logs from their own eyes!

Yes! We Nigerians love to play the ostrich! We are quick to stereotype a situation, and go religious, ignoring the hand-writing on the wall, and when the eventuality happens, we go Hiyaah! Kpele o! Na wa! And plant our heads back  into the sand, dancing around blindly.

When some people are bold enough to pull their heads out of the sand and address the problem at hand, some would want to push them back and continue with the we-see-and-hear-no-evil-game!

Ms Sting, I doff my hat for you! I beat my chest for you as a fellow tribes-
source;Janine Weston Art portfolio
woman & blog-sistah.  And say; The Lord is your strength and like every other thing on earth, it shall also pass away.
E-loving Hug,Muah!