Monday, June 23, 2014


OK! We are on our 2 hours break, so lemme quickly give you guys this amebo gist that happened over the weekend!; #rub hands gleefully#
Do you guys remember the man who said I was more uglier than his wife in this post?

The man, WAIT! He also called me orhobo! #nah today? e don teyyy!!!# He cussed me out when I gave birth sef! So as I was saying, the  ediat! he is having an affair and refused to bed his wife for several months! He leaves home and come back anytime 
he likes without telling his wife. She  began quarreling with him and he told her she can GERROUT of the marriage if she likes!

 When he told his 9ja guys, he was surprised they did not support him, rather, they told  the hediot  him to apologize to his wife and break off the affair immediately! His plan was to frustrate his wife,so she would leave, and he would be with his mistress and when asked what happened, he would lay the blame at the feet of his wife; That she divorced him! And as usual,  we people would say;She should have endured it, afterall, he is a 9ja man! She should have prayed about it! Yes! Pray that his one-eyed-snake would not raise it's hood for another and the ho-le he puts it would smell like a skunk!

I became curious and decided to ask about the  idiota his background; He was is the quiet born-again type that was is shy to woo ladies, also shy in his pockets to spend on ladies. His wife married him regardless of 'all' his 'shyness'. When they relocated, he was able to have the things he never dreamt of having in his entire lifetime while back home, hence, he developed confidence and new taste, thus, began to see the wife as old and ugly! Is he an Adonis or carved like a greek god himself? #chai! M&B sef!#  WHO-SAI! He has a drooping blabbing  long pouting lips! I came to realize that he has inferiority complex because he cusses out other men wives and friends at their back!

 It's stories like this that makes some women to vow never to marry 'e-go-better' as husbands. And all these quiet bros-bros for church, my dears, shine ya eyes o!

I will keep you guys updated as the drama unfolds! ok! Bye! Bye! 2 hours almost gone!