Monday, June 09, 2014


A guy married and divorced after 5 years and a child resulted from the union. And he got married to another lady. Meanwhile, he has a mistress by the side who gave birth to his child when she refused to have a 2nd evacuation. He introduced this mistress to his new wife as a Christian sister,since they both attend the same church, while the new wife goes to a different church. This Christian sister became close to the wife, visiting often and even helped a lot when she put to bed recently. Meanwhile, She was always telling the man to divorce his new wife and marry her, but he refused.

Then, someone hinted the wife that her husband visit this Christian sister often. She carried out her own investigations. Last week, she confronted her husband and he confessed. She 'hit the roof! The Christian sister, came to explain her own version,thinking that the wife would leave her matrimonial home out of anger, and she would move in immediately! But the wife didn't budge from her home! She was disappointed and angry at the way things turned out and told the man he should be paying child support now, since he refused to marry her, he agreed.

The 'ish' that goes on amongst Nigerians in yankee all in the bid to survive, makes a total mockery of marriage and Christianity! Not even men of the cloth are spared! Some actions have become a norm that, people just shrug when they hear or see it. IMO, both the man and mistress are more deadly than the black mamba snake!

A woman was convinced to come to yankee on a visiting visa with the promise of living in eldorado. She came and worked as a nanny for a couple but it didn't work out. Her visa expired 2 months ago. She is jobless and fed up, and just want to go back to Nigeria, but cannot afford the flight ticket! She is stranded and asking for help, but none is coming! Some advised her to stay and hustle it out, some said she should ask her people back home to send her money. Whatever her decision, she is on her own!

I would be blunt as usual, and say nobody here would buy the ticket for her, not even the person that lured her over!  Please, people back home should not be deceived by what they hear, read and see on- line and by people who like to' rub-it-in'. Yes!  Life here is better than Nigeria and there are very successful Nigerians, but like I have said before, they don't make noise and avoid to associate with other Nigerians as much as possible. Settling and living in yankee illegally is very difficult! Yes! I know, I am not saying anything new. But, I beg you, ask them to explain  the nitty-gritty details of;' it is not easy' to you with all honesty.