Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Tears rolled down my face as I watched the movie Hachi. It was based on the true life story of a dog called Hachiko owned by a professor in Tokyo. It made me remember the words; '....... but a faithful person who can find?' {proverbs 20 v 6}... Such loyalty!

'Why am I philosophical all of a sudden?' You might be asking. HUMPH! ...... A guy came down here to appraise the goods he was interested in. He went back and wired thousands of dollars into the account of his friend to pay for the goods and ship it down. The friend showed him the documents of purchase, and  he was expecting the goods to arrive within a certain period of time ...... which never did! The friend said, there is one particular document he is waiting for before he could ship it down..... but the document ain't coming forth! His customers that he took money from back home are on his neck to either produce the goods or refund their money! Whenever he calls, the friend makes him feel he is harassing him! The guy is at his wits end and began asking people for advise before he does anything drastic. He was advised to give the friend the benefit of a doubt and wait till the end of the month, and if nothing positive comes out, then he could take any action he deems fit!

Faithfulness! How faithful are we to our creator I ask? Are we only faithful when we desperately
need something from him? Let us search within our spirits and be truthful to ourselves, do we have the same loyalty to our GOD as Hachiko did to his provider? #tuning into a sober reflection mood#.