Friday, June 06, 2014


Acclimatizing to my new environment, came with it's own shock! Which are:

1} I
 must look into the eyes of anybody I am talking to or with, be it an elder or a child! Handshake is the form of greeting, and a firm handshake shows I have a strong personality. HMMM!  I chop liver to greet my elder with handshake and look directly into their eyes when talking in 9ja? Nah for village square dem go hear my name be dat o! But casting one's eyes down or a limp handshake is seen as a sign of weakness here.

2} Whatever story one decides to tell, the person better sticks to the story well! well! For example,  If the person claimed red is blue, no problemo! They would not argue with the person o! But if tomorrow comes and the person begins to sing another tune, saying it is now green.. HUMPH! By the time  they put the person through the wringer,  s/he would begin to whistle a rhyme; Red is colour red, and blue is colour blue as green is colour green! #Please rhyme along# 1, 2, 3, go! Red is colour red, blue is colour blue as green is colour green... oya! Re-pe-te...Red is ..... But back home, people can change the colour of their story as many times as they like, and nada go happen! Who wants to believe should believe! Shikenah!

3}'Do you need help?' Is a question I have learnt to ask before offering any help, because my un-solicited help can get me into trouble! Do not assume someone needs help except in obvious situations like accidents. Unlike what is obtainable back home, one is expected to help even when not asked because it is seen as a sign of a good person.
4}When asked a question, give a simple straight answer! For example;' Why did you arrive late to work? 'I had a flat tire!' PERIOD! But back home, we go knack the tori how we take start the car sef and notice say the car tire dey wobble, but we drove to the vulcanizer, only for the vulcanizer not to be around, so we decided to manage it to work, only for it to kaput for road! Ogbeni, who asked you all these grammar?
5} Learn to use the right words to pass a certain message or emotion. For example, if someone is lying; You would say; 'S/ He is a liar!' If you want to be vindictive. Or ' What s/ he says is un-true.'If you

want to be persuasive. The word liar, already adjectived who the person is. While un-true simply refers to only what s/he is saying at that particular moment and not his character! In 9ja, we can call anybody stupid, fool, idiot, and nobody would take it serious and wave it aside or simply say 'no vex' if the person is offended.  Try am for here! Just try am, I say!.... ha! no be you get your mouth? ... nah you go pay therapist for the person for causing emotional/psychological distress for a longgg time!

6}One should be very observant and attentive of  one's whereabouts; I am not referring to  tatafoism o! {gossip, poke-nosing} Because if there is an accident one would be asked to describe what exactly happened and the person {s} involved; Race, height, weight and clothings. Don't be passive within any environment. Back home, we just dey waka our own o jare. Wetin concern agbero with overload ke?

7}Learn to CYA! {Cover.Your.A**!}. For example; My bottled water spilled on the laundromat floor. I quickly went to get the yellow caution signboard from the corner and placed it there to warn people it was wet, and I got the mop and wiped it off. I left it there until I finished my laundry and returned it back as I was leaving because of fear of litigation. Abi nah me get money for lawyer and medical fee incase somebody slipped? Dem no go see me catch o, lailai ati lailai! Amin! Amin! Aminnn!
Well guys, these are the adjustments I have to make in this great country called the land of liberty and the brave! Salu-te!
Have a blessed weekend everybody :D