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Monday, June 02, 2014


Angel sent me a link to a post she did, asking about me. I came across a comment which made me to remember another comment I read in 9jamum's post as well,
 hence, it occurred to me that, I have to clear the air; That much I owe my readers.

Yes! I bowed out the first time after a disagreement in blogsville, because, I knew when to draw the line. But hubby who is my biggest fan was not happy about it and pleaded with me to make a come-back. Since, we were already preparing for our relocation, I told him, I would start an anonymous blog talking about my new lease of life in another country. Infact, I was already coining a new name sef. He said, his friends would not know it is me and they enjoy reading my write-ups. Thus, I had to swallow my pride, all in the name of love and made a comeback. He made me promised that I would avoid controversy. HMMM .... my guys, I tried to avoid trouble, sincerely speaking o, but  the playful- naughty me, sometimes surfaces *winks* and I got into a fight in an entertainment blog. Hubby was not happy with me! Since, I know, one of my weakness is explosive anger and not implosive anger, {Explosive anger is the type that is expressed immediately, served while hot! While implosive anger is the concealing type ,that hides all emotions #wise moves#} I decided to reduce my blog trips and comments to learn on how to have an implosive type of anger instead. Therefore, I went private! Some suggested moderation of comments, the truth is,  am too blog-lazy to be reading and publishing comments :D

Alas! I became pregger after going private! My hormones went skyrocketing as usual! My loved ones were walking on egg shells during that period, because they simply didn't know what could trigger me off! And I didn't want to bring such attitude into my blog, so I had to make a decision.  It was hubby that benefited most from my hormonal upsurge because it made me Caro @ nite x2! *batting my eyelashes*. I have complained before how my lappy was mis-behaving in the older post, but I was managing it because the new laptop I wanted was not on our scale of priority yet.  I strongly believe in spirituality, this much I said in GNG pregnancy post, so, I decided to concentrate on my well-being for safe delivery. And I thank GOD for answering all my prayers. It was one day, the idea came to me;' Why don't I announce my good news with a new blog instead of an old blog filled with controversy?'  Yes! That is how superstitious I am o! So I deleted everything that has to do with my old blog, and hubby this time around accepted. 

Thank you all for your understanding.


N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

You this woman.
You always make me smile
Carolicious Caro! :)
Stay blessed

Toinlicious said...

Lmaoooo @Caro x2. See en, i will need tips from you when i eventually get married o #Caro

sykik said...

caro*2 ke...., issokay...let me comment my reserve. Reading the comment on 9jamum's post made me cringe...some people are filled with bad belle. He/she should have been bold enough to use her name nau instead of going anonymous

@Toinlicious, I can't stop laughing, the tips are not for free.

New Dawn said...

@9jamum, glad to know that I always bring a smile to your face with my posts.

@Toin: HMMM, dem no dey teach dat kain tin ooo, you simply learn on the 'field' winks!*

@Sykik; I cringed also when I read it last year, I was lost for words ... I have been called many names, but definitely not swollen headed! My hubby says am too humble to a fault sef! But when I saw someone replied the person, I realized someone also care and it counter-balanced my emotion... ahahaha @Toin... Nathing free in free-town sef! Abi?

Thanks Sistahs.

Miss Onakz.... said...

Lol...couldn't help but smile. We always enjoy reading your post though. With or without the controversy (I don't know so much about the fights though). I guess I don't read too many blogs, that's why.

@ilola said...

I remember Angel's post, and I said you did not want to be found. This is because I had to stop reading your blog because of the invitation you sent me. It meant for me to read any of your posts, I have to start looking for the invitation from ages ago. And I could no longer track your updates. The blogger invitation thing was really messy, and I even told you about the issue.

Next thing, I remembered you one day, and looked for your blog, and it was GONE!!! I just said, this madam definitely doesn't want us to find her again.

New Dawn said...

@Onakz: AWWW, e se o! ahaha, you don't?

@ilola: Yep! You were right :)

angelsbeauty said...

lol @ x2 caro! too funny. This should be x rated abi na R rated. Joking.

Meanwhile... i love the relationship you have with your husband, and that you share everything. That is what marriage should be about!

New Dawn said...

@Angel; ahahahaha, thanks sistah.

Flo said...

I wasn't here when it all happened, glad all is well in blogsville again because of 1 blogger who repented ... from trouble shooter to Caro! :D

Bottled up anger destroys o because the day it will erupt eh? Give me explosive anger any day, *if I truly did something to hurt you ... after that we will kiss and make up. hahahaha

New Dawn said...

@Flo, e mi? troubleshooter ke? I am a 'saint' o *wink*
Ha! I have gotten my explosive anger under control, now I smile sweetly even when angry or waka comot jeje.

Beautiful said...

Looool the only thing I saw in this post is Caro x2 @nite....

Tamie said...

No matter how small printed the caro waswritten it is seen very well .lol

Its good you made a fresh start went you where ready. I remember you disappearing then going private and then disappearing again lol.. Good to have you back..
I liked the nitty gritty name Berra tho..

New Dawn said...

@Beautiful: only caro? ahaha

@Tamie: awww .... nitty-gritty you say? hmmm ... I miss her too. I wonder where the spit-fire went to? :)

Thanks ladies.

HoneyDame said...

Lmaooooooo Carogritty!!! Maybe I should stop callling you Nitty..since it is remniscent of what used to be....but I like the name.....Nitty my Gritty! Oya give me new name to refer to you as...I dont want New Dawn (it's too impersonal for me..*sulks*)
whichever way, me I sha like that you are back. E-hugs

New Dawn said...

@HD: #laughing# You can always call me Nitty! I like the way you call it. I will always be your Nitty:D I know ND sounds impersonal because I don't want to be attached to it as I did to my old blog. But you can always call me Nitty, #pls don't sulk# Mauh! Lemme use this opportunity to say thank you for taking the time to read all previous posts and commenting. Hope you enjoyed reading 'em.

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