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Monday, June 23, 2014


OK! We are on our 2 hours break, so lemme quickly give you guys this amebo gist that happened over the weekend!; #rub hands gleefully#
Do you guys remember the man who said I was more uglier than his wife in this post?

The man, WAIT! He also called me orhobo! #nah today? e don teyyy!!!# He cussed me out when I gave birth sef! So as I was saying, the  ediat! he is having an affair and refused to bed his wife for several months! He leaves home and come back anytime 
he likes without telling his wife. She  began quarreling with him and he told her she can GERROUT of the marriage if she likes!

 When he told his 9ja guys, he was surprised they did not support him, rather, they told  the hediot  him to apologize to his wife and break off the affair immediately! His plan was to frustrate his wife,so she would leave, and he would be with his mistress and when asked what happened, he would lay the blame at the feet of his wife; That she divorced him! And as usual,  we people would say;She should have endured it, afterall, he is a 9ja man! She should have prayed about it! Yes! Pray that his one-eyed-snake would not raise it's hood for another and the ho-le he puts it would smell like a skunk!

I became curious and decided to ask about the  idiota his background; He was is the quiet born-again type that was is shy to woo ladies, also shy in his pockets to spend on ladies. His wife married him regardless of 'all' his 'shyness'. When they relocated, he was able to have the things he never dreamt of having in his entire lifetime while back home, hence, he developed confidence and new taste, thus, began to see the wife as old and ugly! Is he an Adonis or carved like a greek god himself? #chai! M&B sef!#  WHO-SAI! He has a drooping blabbing  long pouting lips! I came to realize that he has inferiority complex because he cusses out other men wives and friends at their back!

 It's stories like this that makes some women to vow never to marry 'e-go-better' as husbands. And all these quiet bros-bros for church, my dears, shine ya eyes o!

I will keep you guys updated as the drama unfolds! ok! Bye! Bye! 2 hours almost gone!

Monday, June 16, 2014


Holiday is here, hence summer lessons commenced.

Teaching grades 1, 4, 6, 8, and struggling with a 5 months baby wanting to put  the

books in his mouth ain't funny o!
You see! My addiction to blogging, still won't let me concentrate fa! *covers face*
So guys, I am just passing to say hellooo.
Now going back to our lessons. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Tears rolled down my face as I watched the movie Hachi. It was based on the true life story of a dog called Hachiko owned by a professor in Tokyo. It made me remember the words; '....... but a faithful person who can find?' {proverbs 20 v 6}... Such loyalty!

'Why am I philosophical all of a sudden?' You might be asking. HUMPH! ...... A guy came down here to appraise the goods he was interested in. He went back and wired thousands of dollars into the account of his friend to pay for the goods and ship it down. The friend showed him the documents of purchase, and  he was expecting the goods to arrive within a certain period of time ...... which never did! The friend said, there is one particular document he is waiting for before he could ship it down..... but the document ain't coming forth! His customers that he took money from back home are on his neck to either produce the goods or refund their money! Whenever he calls, the friend makes him feel he is harassing him! The guy is at his wits end and began asking people for advise before he does anything drastic. He was advised to give the friend the benefit of a doubt and wait till the end of the month, and if nothing positive comes out, then he could take any action he deems fit!

Faithfulness! How faithful are we to our creator I ask? Are we only faithful when we desperately
need something from him? Let us search within our spirits and be truthful to ourselves, do we have the same loyalty to our GOD as Hachiko did to his provider? #tuning into a sober reflection mood#.

Monday, June 09, 2014


A guy married and divorced after 5 years and a child resulted from the union. And he got married to another lady. Meanwhile, he has a mistress by the side who gave birth to his child when she refused to have a 2nd evacuation. He introduced this mistress to his new wife as a Christian sister,since they both attend the same church, while the new wife goes to a different church. This Christian sister became close to the wife, visiting often and even helped a lot when she put to bed recently. Meanwhile, She was always telling the man to divorce his new wife and marry her, but he refused.

Then, someone hinted the wife that her husband visit this Christian sister often. She carried out her own investigations. Last week, she confronted her husband and he confessed. She 'hit the roof! The Christian sister, came to explain her own version,thinking that the wife would leave her matrimonial home out of anger, and she would move in immediately! But the wife didn't budge from her home! She was disappointed and angry at the way things turned out and told the man he should be paying child support now, since he refused to marry her, he agreed.

The 'ish' that goes on amongst Nigerians in yankee all in the bid to survive, makes a total mockery of marriage and Christianity! Not even men of the cloth are spared! Some actions have become a norm that, people just shrug when they hear or see it. IMO, both the man and mistress are more deadly than the black mamba snake!

A woman was convinced to come to yankee on a visiting visa with the promise of living in eldorado. She came and worked as a nanny for a couple but it didn't work out. Her visa expired 2 months ago. She is jobless and fed up, and just want to go back to Nigeria, but cannot afford the flight ticket! She is stranded and asking for help, but none is coming! Some advised her to stay and hustle it out, some said she should ask her people back home to send her money. Whatever her decision, she is on her own!

I would be blunt as usual, and say nobody here would buy the ticket for her, not even the person that lured her over!  Please, people back home should not be deceived by what they hear, read and see on- line and by people who like to' rub-it-in'. Yes!  Life here is better than Nigeria and there are very successful Nigerians, but like I have said before, they don't make noise and avoid to associate with other Nigerians as much as possible. Settling and living in yankee illegally is very difficult! Yes! I know, I am not saying anything new. But, I beg you, ask them to explain  the nitty-gritty details of;' it is not easy' to you with all honesty.

Friday, June 06, 2014


Acclimatizing to my new environment, came with it's own shock! Which are:

1} I
 must look into the eyes of anybody I am talking to or with, be it an elder or a child! Handshake is the form of greeting, and a firm handshake shows I have a strong personality. HMMM!  I chop liver to greet my elder with handshake and look directly into their eyes when talking in 9ja? Nah for village square dem go hear my name be dat o! But casting one's eyes down or a limp handshake is seen as a sign of weakness here.

2} Whatever story one decides to tell, the person better sticks to the story well! well! For example,  If the person claimed red is blue, no problemo! They would not argue with the person o! But if tomorrow comes and the person begins to sing another tune, saying it is now green.. HUMPH! By the time  they put the person through the wringer,  s/he would begin to whistle a rhyme; Red is colour red, and blue is colour blue as green is colour green! #Please rhyme along# 1, 2, 3, go! Red is colour red, blue is colour blue as green is colour green... oya! Re-pe-te...Red is ..... But back home, people can change the colour of their story as many times as they like, and nada go happen! Who wants to believe should believe! Shikenah!

3}'Do you need help?' Is a question I have learnt to ask before offering any help, because my un-solicited help can get me into trouble! Do not assume someone needs help except in obvious situations like accidents. Unlike what is obtainable back home, one is expected to help even when not asked because it is seen as a sign of a good person.
4}When asked a question, give a simple straight answer! For example;' Why did you arrive late to work? 'I had a flat tire!' PERIOD! But back home, we go knack the tori how we take start the car sef and notice say the car tire dey wobble, but we drove to the vulcanizer, only for the vulcanizer not to be around, so we decided to manage it to work, only for it to kaput for road! Ogbeni, who asked you all these grammar?
5} Learn to use the right words to pass a certain message or emotion. For example, if someone is lying; You would say; 'S/ He is a liar!' If you want to be vindictive. Or ' What s/ he says is un-true.'If you

want to be persuasive. The word liar, already adjectived who the person is. While un-true simply refers to only what s/he is saying at that particular moment and not his character! In 9ja, we can call anybody stupid, fool, idiot, and nobody would take it serious and wave it aside or simply say 'no vex' if the person is offended.  Try am for here! Just try am, I say!.... ha! no be you get your mouth? ... nah you go pay therapist for the person for causing emotional/psychological distress for a longgg time!

6}One should be very observant and attentive of  one's whereabouts; I am not referring to  tatafoism o! {gossip, poke-nosing} Because if there is an accident one would be asked to describe what exactly happened and the person {s} involved; Race, height, weight and clothings. Don't be passive within any environment. Back home, we just dey waka our own o jare. Wetin concern agbero with overload ke?

7}Learn to CYA! {Cover.Your.A**!}. For example; My bottled water spilled on the laundromat floor. I quickly went to get the yellow caution signboard from the corner and placed it there to warn people it was wet, and I got the mop and wiped it off. I left it there until I finished my laundry and returned it back as I was leaving because of fear of litigation. Abi nah me get money for lawyer and medical fee incase somebody slipped? Dem no go see me catch o, lailai ati lailai! Amin! Amin! Aminnn!
Well guys, these are the adjustments I have to make in this great country called the land of liberty and the brave! Salu-te!
Have a blessed weekend everybody :D

Monday, June 02, 2014


Angel sent me a link to a post she did, asking about me. I came across a comment which made me to remember another comment I read in 9jamum's post as well,
 hence, it occurred to me that, I have to clear the air; That much I owe my readers.

Yes! I bowed out the first time after a disagreement in blogsville, because, I knew when to draw the line. But hubby who is my biggest fan was not happy about it and pleaded with me to make a come-back. Since, we were already preparing for our relocation, I told him, I would start an anonymous blog talking about my new lease of life in another country. Infact, I was already coining a new name sef. He said, his friends would not know it is me and they enjoy reading my write-ups. 

Thus, I had to swallow my pride, all in the name of love and made a comeback. He made me promised that I would avoid controversy. HMMM .... my guys, I tried to avoid trouble, sincerely speaking o, but  the playful- naughty me, sometimes surfaces *winks* and I got into a fight in an entertainment blog. Hubby was not happy with me! Since, I know, one of my weakness is explosive anger and not implosive anger, {Explosive anger is the type that is expressed immediately, served while hot! While implosive anger is the concealing type ,that hides all emotions #wise moves#} I decided to reduce my blog trips and comments to learn on how to have an implosive type of anger instead. Therefore, I went private! Some suggested moderation of comments, the truth is,  am too blog-lazy to be reading and publishing comments :D

Alas! I became pregger after going private! My hormones went skyrocketing as usual! My loved ones were walking on egg shells during that period, because they simply didn't know what could trigger me off! And I didn't want to bring such attitude into my blog, so I had to make a decision.  It was hubby that benefited most from my hormonal upsurge because it made me Caro @ nite x2! *batting my eyelashes*. I have complained before how my lappy was mis-behaving in the older post, but I was managing it because the new laptop I wanted was not on our scale of priority yet.  I strongly believe in spirituality, this much I said in GNG pregnancy post, so, I decided to concentrate on my well-being for safe delivery. And I thank GOD for answering all my prayers. It was one day, the idea came to me;' Why don't I announce my good news with a new blog instead of an old blog filled with controversy?'  Yes! That is how superstitious I am o! So I deleted everything that has to do with my old blog, and hubby this time around accepted. 

Thank you all for your understanding.