Friday, May 30, 2014


Reading the news about the stolen baby by a nurse- impostor, sent shivers down my spine, later excitement swelled in my heart when I read further that the kidnapper was caught, then words of gratitude filled my mouth to GOD and everybody that helped to hunt her down! I could just imagine the emotional trauma the parents were going through during that period.

My care-nurse after delivery, gave me a coded-word, and instructed me that, nobody should ever take my baby away without saying the password. The next evening, a nurse walked in and introduced herself, and said she needed my baby for a routine checkup. I asked for the password. She didn't know and went back to the nurse station to enquire, but she gave me a different coded-word and I refused to let her take my baby. She went out and came back with the nurse I met the first day, who told me the password was correct. I said no, she has forgotten! Then she asked me if the nurse that reported on duty didn't give me another coded-word? I said No! Then she went ahead to explain to me that every care-nurse that reports on duty MUST give me  a new coded-word after introducing herself and showing me her ID card. That was when I allowed them to take my baby o!

I had initially thought that my baby would be put in the nursery and I was already planning on how to always be watching him from the glass partition, rotating it with my hubby. Alas! I was surprised, he was put in the same room with me! He was only taken to the nursery to have his first bath at 2:00a.m, and I followed o! My fears stemmed from stories I have
read like the kidnapped case above and switching of babies by mistake, esp after watching the season movie 'switched at birth'. Hence, I was very cautious and the hospital has to deploy strict security measures to prevent such evil happening. The nurse said I did well. The next day when she arrived, she gave me the right pass-word. Back home, I birthed in private hospitals, and my babies were with me while my mum slept on the other bed, the nurses did everything in our presence, except when they took them to have their first bath, my mum was there watching o! The hospitals here are very large with many floors and several different medical professionals busy, and people coming and going, so an impostor can easily blend!

P.S: Heavenly father, please continue to protect our bundles of joy from the hands of people that plot evil. In JESUS name. AMEN!