Tuesday, May 20, 2014


My eyes became teary as I listened to him speak;  He was a young struggling man who paved his way through his first degree. He was surviving on his meagre salary when he graduated, while believing in a brighter tomorrow. A client of the company asked him one day while he was in the office, if he would sit  for his professional exam? He simply told him he could not afford the text books and fees yet. The next day, to his utmost surprise, this client came into the office and gave him the cash to cover all his expenses, which was more than half of his salary! He thanked this elderly man profusely because he never believed someone could be so kind to a total stranger. He passed the exam, and got a better job and prospered in his career.

16 new moons passed, and he came across this kind-hearted man unexpectedly in another city! The man was in need of assistance and he didn't hesitate to be there for him, that the man expressed words of appreciation with passion that touched the heart *wipes eyes*....... Thus,I quickly opened my laptop to share with you guys, hoping y'all would feel the same emotion as you read.

The seed of kindness sowed long time ago, produced fruits. It reminds me of the parable of the sower; As he threw the seeds; Some fell on the wayside and were eaten by birds: An act of kindness is taken for granted or unappreciated or seen as their right! Some fell on the rock, sprouted, but withered away because of the scorching sun and lack of nutrients; An act of kindness is forgotten because of trials of life or one was offended. Some fell and grew up amongst thorns and the plants were choked by the thorns: An act of kindness is repaid with evil or the person buckled under bad peer pressure. Some fell on the soil and grew to produce fruits, just like this testimony am sharing.

The moral{s} of this story is: It's good to be good, and when you have 2 coats, you can give out one, and always be thankful. Hence, I picked up the phone this evening and called my estranged friend once again, to bridge the distance.