Monday, May 19, 2014


I heard a knock on the door, opened it, and the delivery man quickly thrust a carton
The carton 

The shekere thing inside o!
into my hands. YAY! I said within myself, one of the items I ordered online has arrived. I was already guessing which of the items, seeing the size of the carton. I cut the tape, 'swam'  through layers of brown ruffled papers ....... CHAI! I exclaimed! Is this shekere {tiny} thing that was put inside this carton? Why not put it in a smaller carton and place it inside the mail box like the others I have collected before ehn? See the way it was packaged to look like something very big sef!

'It's all about packaging!' Many people in the marketing/business world are common with that saying. Investors can spend much on the packaging of a product because it's the human eyes that is first drawn to the item, before other parts of the body would arrive at a decision.

I picked the item out of it's carton and remembered a teaching-sermon from school by a visiting pastor; 'Package yourself well, to create a climax of acceptance.' Initially, I thought, he was referring to only the dressing aspect, but I am wrought to understand that, it also applies to  presenting an  'image' for the society to see, but deep down, after the layers are removed, the 'true-person' would be found.
Wearing one's heart on the sleeve, is seen as a weak trait, and can easily be hurt since it is exposed and an easy target. So, one has to learn how to wear several layers of sleeves to protect the heart in this present era . 

Thus, I was not angry any more, when I realized, that, since it was a greasy item, it needed to be well protected to prevent spillage during the process of handling and transportation, and should incase, there was spillage due to un-for-seen circumstances, the layers of papers and carton would curtail it, just as the 'image' is used for damage control!