Thursday, May 29, 2014


I went visiting my friend, and met her mum at home who gave birth to 6 gals and 2 boys. I was nursing my first child then and talks were more on children.Then she told me something which I didn't believe!

She said; All female children lie on the right side of the womb, while
males on the left side!' When I got pregnant, out of curiosity, I noticed my baby was resting on my right side and I gave birth to my 2nd daughter. I became pregnant the 3rd time, and I observed the baby was on the left side; It is a boy! Hmmm, I pondered ... 4th time around, my baby was resting on the left again, and it turned out to be another boy! So, when I got pregnant the 5th time, and noticed the pressure was on my left, I knew it was a boy! When the doctor told hubby to cut our child's umbilical cord and he was nervous, I laughed and said, 'come-on cut our son's umbilical cord!' He paused and asked; ' how did I know it is a boy?  I replied; 'Because he was lying on my left side.' He gave me a surprised look and cut the umbilical cord. The doctor just smiled and continued with cleaning me up.

Hey! It turned out to be true afterall to me! I dunno about other women and tales from different countries, but this particular theory turned out to be a fact to me o! More-over, the positions of the babies determined the positions that I slept. When the pressure was on the right side, I slept on my left side and vice-versa.

P.s I pray for GOD'S infinite mercy to be upon our father's land and that peace should prevail. Amen.