Thursday, May 15, 2014


I dunno my guys, there is this nagging feeling am having towards someone, and I don't know if it's as a result of my previous experience? You see, I was never really close to this person, though, I tried to foster a friendship earlier on, but I got the I-don't -want-to-get-close-to-you-attitude, and I backed off, and left everything on a very cordial level. But all of a sudden, this person is being nice to me!

What gives? I ponder for days. What does this person wants from me? I wonder. I kind of preferred the way we were before, because I knew where I stood with this person and I didn't have to watch my back as I am wrought to do now.
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Maybe the adage;' Once bitten twice shy', is what is happening to me? ... You guys remember my post on '..... with strings attached'? Ok, we took the advice from the comments and made peace with our friend.The pessimistic-me refused to believe all was well, but hubby asked me to let go ... the man no like wahala at all, at all!  Guys, it's months now, the husband has not spoken to us! We asked the wife about him, whom I do call once in a week, and she said, his phone is bad, but we found out it was not true! Due to my baby's teething process,I was busy and tensed, and didn't call her and neither did she, unlike before. I began to understand that all their niceness, was a calculative plot to get into us and milk us for their own gain!

Hence, just like a cock in a new surrounding, I am standing on one foot, ready to flee at the sight of any strange moves regarding this blooming friendship. So am I wrong for feeling this way? Because I sense, this person wants something from me in future just like what happened in the previous friendship. S-I-G-H! I just tire o jare!