Monday, May 05, 2014


source: Google free copyright.
'Nigerians are rich!' A Chinese, Latino and AA told me these when I met them. I had to ask the AA why such notion after she said it again when a mutual friend was telling us how he missed his flight due to logistics, and the standby had few vacant seats, so he had to buy the only available ticket from another airline which happened to be first class, because he could not wait for 2 days for the next flight on the airliner he missed. 'No average AA would had done that! S/He would rather wait inside the airport for that 2 days! She said. I see the way Nigerians live and shop, so y'all are rich! 'AMEN!' I whispered'... abi I no go claim such blessings?' 'But it's not true'. 'Ok, yo! But you've gat relatives that are rich, yeah?' 'Of course!'

Years back, there was this notion that, all diasporans are rich, until there was awareness to counter that belief.{I remember writing a post on greener pastures years back, asking diasporans to explain to me.} But few still refused to accept the new school of tort that every immigrants continuously strive to settle down, regardless of how many years of living abroad. I am saying this because, a friend complained of how a relative was asking him to send a car down for sale, afterall, he don tayyy *snap fingers* for obodo oyibo! {stayed long abroad}.

YES! Cost of Living is affordable. All the same, it still depends on individual's lifestyle and priority. If one decides to become 'Donatus' {enabling} so as to be a people's pleaser without thinking of the rainy days ahead ... Me-hn! 'Sorry' would become the person's adopted middle name! Yep! I know, I am being harsh, but the truth need to be told as it is! Forget the efizzy pics and comments on people's wall- pages, if you come to know the nitty-gritty, you would be surprised! Credit card is the name, and juggling is the game!' A lady joked that if they put her name into the system to know if she is credit worthy, the computer will be chanting; ERROR! ERROR!! ERROR!!!

H-E-Y! Does that mean there are no rich diasporas? Of course, there are! But they are like ...shhhhhh...*puts finger on lips* ... they don't blow their trumpets!