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Friday, May 30, 2014


Reading the news about the stolen baby by a nurse- impostor, sent shivers down my spine, later excitement swelled in my heart when I read further that the kidnapper was caught, then words of gratitude filled my mouth to GOD and everybody that helped to hunt her down! I could just imagine the emotional trauma the parents were going through during that period.

My care-nurse after delivery, gave me a coded-word, and instructed me that, nobody should ever take my baby away without saying the password. The next evening, a nurse walked in and introduced herself, and said she needed my baby for a routine checkup. I asked for the password. She didn't know and went back to the nurse station to enquire, but she gave me a different coded-word and I refused to let her take my baby. She went out and came back with the nurse I met the first day, who told me the password was correct. I said no, she has forgotten! Then she asked me if the nurse that reported on duty didn't give me another coded-word? I said No! Then she went ahead to explain to me that every care-nurse that reports on duty MUST give me  a new coded-word after introducing herself and showing me her ID card. That was when I allowed them to take my baby o!

I had initially thought that my baby would be put in the nursery and I was already planning on how to always be watching him from the glass partition, rotating it with my hubby. Alas! I was surprised, he was put in the same room with me! He was only taken to the nursery to have his first bath at 2:00a.m, and I followed o! My fears stemmed from stories I have
read like the kidnapped case above and switching of babies by mistake, esp after watching the season movie 'switched at birth'. Hence, I was very cautious and the hospital has to deploy strict security measures to prevent such evil happening. The nurse said I did well. The next day when she arrived, she gave me the right pass-word. Back home, I birthed in private hospitals, and my babies were with me while my mum slept on the other bed, the nurses did everything in our presence, except when they took them to have their first bath, my mum was there watching o! The hospitals here are very large with many floors and several different medical professionals busy, and people coming and going, so an impostor can easily blend!

P.S: Heavenly father, please continue to protect our bundles of joy from the hands of people that plot evil. In JESUS name. AMEN!

Thursday, May 29, 2014


I went visiting my friend, and met her mum at home who gave birth to 6 gals and 2 boys. I was nursing my first child then and talks were more on children.Then she told me something which I didn't believe!

She said; All female children lie on the right side of the womb, while
males on the left side!' When I got pregnant, out of curiosity, I noticed my baby was resting on my right side and I gave birth to my 2nd daughter. I became pregnant the 3rd time, and I observed the baby was on the left side; It is a boy! Hmmm, I pondered ... 4th time around, my baby was resting on the left again, and it turned out to be another boy! So, when I got pregnant the 5th time, and noticed the pressure was on my left, I knew it was a boy! When the doctor told hubby to cut our child's umbilical cord and he was nervous, I laughed and said, 'come-on cut our son's umbilical cord!' He paused and asked; ' how did I know it is a boy?  I replied; 'Because he was lying on my left side.' He gave me a surprised look and cut the umbilical cord. The doctor just smiled and continued with cleaning me up.

Hey! It turned out to be true afterall to me! I dunno about other women and tales from different countries, but this particular theory turned out to be a fact to me o! More-over, the positions of the babies determined the positions that I slept. When the pressure was on the right side, I slept on my left side and vice-versa.

P.s I pray for GOD'S infinite mercy to be upon our father's land and that peace should prevail. Amen.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


'How do both of you do it?' This question kept re-playing in my head as I watched my son who is 5 months old today, kicking and holding his feet up in the air. You see, a pregnant couple relocated with their toddler, so the husband was the only one bringing the bacon home. As usual, the Nigerian community was telling the guy 'Your wife must work!'

 Sometimes he buckled under pressure and emotionally abused the wife that she was diagnosed with post-natal depression! The annoying part is that, the same people would beg her to baby-sit for them! The wife got a job months later, and since they could not afford creche or nanny ... please let me digress here; I liked Abiola nanny's post and a comment on the cost of child-care in jand ... so as I was saying, they got the services of the in-house-kind -of -creche that one pays daily, they also begged friends that were at home at certain days to help babysit, and they re-scheduled their working hours so that one of them could be at home at certain hours, all in the bid to reduce cost. But he complained the more because of the stress and no evidence of surplus income! He eventually told his wife to stop working and take care of their children.

He met my hubby and was surprised at how we run our home, that he had to ask the above-mentioned question! 'We live strictly within our means' hubby replied. When we heard his story, hubby had a serious talk with him, that he should let his wife be, and don't let peer pressure get to him. Back home, I knew how hubby defended me to people when they asked why I was not working, but what I did not know was that, similar thing happened here and he didn't tell me, I only heard it the first time when we were discussing this issue. I was shocked! I then understood why some people don't like socializing with other Nigerians here! We are a small community, so everything is news and your business is everybody's business!

The truth my people is that, child-care is more expensive here than back home. Children don't start school until 4-5 years. But if one can afford private schools, they are accepted from ages 3, after they are potty-trained. The in-house-kind-of-creche, charges lesser. And the see-finish syndrome always rears it's head when friends help to baby-sit which leads to quarrel. A 12 year old child is allowed to stay at home alone for certain hours and can take care of only a 6 year old child and above. Of course, there are couples who have nannies and use day-care centers, but all I ask from people is that, when you see the glory, ask for the story, because, it's not always black or white, there are grays in between, and every couple have their lifestyle and knows their limits. 

P.s I pray for GOD to protect all children as HE protects HIS own very eyes, and just as a bird hovers around it's nest to protect it's young, so will GOD continue to defend every child through the mighty name of JESUS, AMEN!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


My eyes became teary as I listened to him speak;  He was a young struggling man who paved his way through his first degree. He was surviving on his meagre salary when he graduated, while believing in a brighter tomorrow. A client of the company asked him one day while he was in the office, if he would sit  for his professional exam? He simply told him he could not afford the text books and fees yet. The next day, to his utmost surprise, this client came into the office and gave him the cash to cover all his expenses, which was more than half of his salary! He thanked this elderly man profusely because he never believed someone could be so kind to a total stranger. He passed the exam, and got a better job and prospered in his career.

16 new moons passed, and he came across this kind-hearted man unexpectedly in another city! The man was in need of assistance and he didn't hesitate to be there for him, that the man expressed words of appreciation with passion that touched the heart *wipes eyes*....... Thus,I quickly opened my laptop to share with you guys, hoping y'all would feel the same emotion as you read.

The seed of kindness sowed long time ago, produced fruits. It reminds me of the parable of the sower; As he threw the seeds; Some fell on the wayside and were eaten by birds: An act of kindness is taken for granted or unappreciated or seen as their right! Some fell on the rock, sprouted, but withered away because of the scorching sun and lack of nutrients; An act of kindness is forgotten because of trials of life or one was offended. Some fell and grew up amongst thorns and the plants were choked by the thorns: An act of kindness is repaid with evil or the person buckled under bad peer pressure. Some fell on the soil and grew to produce fruits, just like this testimony am sharing.

The moral{s} of this story is: It's good to be good, and when you have 2 coats, you can give out one, and always be thankful. Hence, I picked up the phone this evening and called my estranged friend once again, to bridge the distance. 

Monday, May 19, 2014


I heard a knock on the door, opened it, and the delivery man quickly thrust a carton

Thursday, May 15, 2014


I dunno my guys, there is this nagging feeling am having towards someone, and I don't know if it's as a result of my previous experience? You see, I was never really close to this person, though, I tried to foster a friendship earlier on, but I got the I-don't -want-to-get-close-to-you-attitude, and I backed off, and left everything on a very cordial level. But all of a sudden, this person is being nice to me!

What gives? I ponder for days. What does this person wants from me? I wonder. I kind of preferred the way we were before, because I knew where I stood with this person and I didn't have to watch my back as I am wrought to do now.
SOURCE: Google

Maybe the adage;' Once bitten twice shy', is what is happening to me? ... You guys remember my post on '..... with strings attached'? Ok, we took the advice from the comments and made peace with our friend.The pessimistic-me refused to believe all was well, but hubby asked me to let go ... the man no like wahala at all, at all!  Guys, it's months now, the husband has not spoken to us! We asked the wife about him, whom I do call once in a week, and she said, his phone is bad, but we found out it was not true! Due to my baby's teething process,I was busy and tensed, and didn't call her and neither did she, unlike before. I began to understand that all their niceness, was a calculative plot to get into us and milk us for their own gain!

Hence, just like a cock in a new surrounding, I am standing on one foot, ready to flee at the sight of any strange moves regarding this blooming friendship. So am I wrong for feeling this way? Because I sense, this person wants something from me in future just like what happened in the previous friendship. S-I-G-H! I just tire o jare!

Sunday, May 11, 2014


VS: 'Why don't you like guests? I overheard them teasing you about it the other day.'

IB: 'Because of the stress o jare! I have to change my routine, find entertainment for them, handle the children, and coupled with my other personal stuffs ... abeg, it can be tiresome!'

VS: *Laughing* that all? What of the bills?'


IB: 'Bills? What about bills?'

VS: 'Bills nah! Water and electricity?'

IB: 'O-k! I didn't think of that sef!'

VS:' It's because you are at home all day that is why you don't think of bills!'

IB: 'Chei, you too don join to yab me abi ehn?' {you've joined them to cuss me?}

VS: 'No! I am trying to say that, you would know the difference in your bill when nobody is at home most of the day. When everybody goes out, all gadgets are switched off except the refrigerator, so the bill would be minimal, but when a guest comes over, within a week you would see the difference, because the guest would be at home using water and gadgets.'

IB:' WOW! I never thought of it from that angle.'

VS:' How much is your electricity bill monthly?'

IB:' Humph! It's high o, especially during winter.' *Showed her the recent bill*

VS:' You see! Mine is much lesser than this!' *she told me the amount*

IB:' Really? You don't  use heat often?'

VS:' I do when at home! With water, sewage disposal and trash, I pay close to what you pay every month for electricity alone! Then imagine when I have guests, it would be higher!'

IB:' Ahahahaha, I get you. Everybody know where dey pinch am.'

VS:' Yes! It's the utility bills that worries me, anything, I have at home the guest would eat! And the guest should find his or her own entertainment!'

IB: 'Nooo! I have to do 'elejo' { special treatment given to visitor} for the person o!'

VS: 'That is why you are complaining of stress!'

IB: 'You have a point sha! This reminds me of how a family friend mocked his host behind his back when he travelled. This host took days off  from his work so as to be there for his guest and went out of his way to make him comfortable. Only for this family friend to return back to 9ja and laughed behind his back that he is suffering in obodo oyibo. I lost respect for the family friend sha! Why didn't he stay in a hotel then and see how much he would had spent throughout his visit?'

VS:'It was before I was doing that! But now, I give my guest a taxi number to call whenever they want to go out. One time like that, I was in the shopping malls with a guest from dawn to dusk! ... I was tired!'

IB:' Kai! You harsh small o!'

VS:' I have being here for about 8 years now. So I have experience unlike you. Don't worry, with time, your thinking will change'.

IB:' Hmmm ... maybe ... who knows ... my perspective on some issues have changed ... em that reminds me, I saw sales on children clothes in .....'

P.S; When I heard disporas talk about bills then, I was curious to know how different it was from bills we paid back home. Alas! I tell you my guys, there is a difference! But am not complaining o, because I see the positive impact and it is what I consume that I pay for.So it's up to me to know how to manage. I watched extreme cheap-stakes and I was amused and amazed.

Monday, May 05, 2014


source: Google free copyright.
'Nigerians are rich!' A Chinese, Latino and AA told me these when I met them. I had to ask the AA why such notion after she said it again when a mutual friend was telling us how he missed his flight due to logistics, and the standby had few vacant seats, so he had to buy the only available ticket from another airline which happened to be first class, because he could not wait for 2 days for the next flight on the airliner he missed. 'No average AA would had done that! S/He would rather wait inside the airport for that 2 days! She said. I see the way Nigerians live and shop, so y'all are rich! 'AMEN!' I whispered'... abi I no go claim such blessings?' 'But it's not true'. 'Ok, yo! But you've gat relatives that are rich, yeah?' 'Of course!'

Years back, there was this notion that, all diasporans are rich, until there was awareness to counter that belief.{I remember writing a post on greener pastures years back, asking diasporans to explain to me.} But few still refused to accept the new school of tort that every immigrants continuously strive to settle down, regardless of how many years of living abroad. I am saying this because, a friend complained of how a relative was asking him to send a car down for sale, afterall, he don tayyy *snap fingers* for obodo oyibo! {stayed long abroad}.

YES! Cost of Living is affordable. All the same, it still depends on individual's lifestyle and priority. If one decides to become 'Donatus' {enabling} so as to be a people's pleaser without thinking of the rainy days ahead ... Me-hn! 'Sorry' would become the person's adopted middle name! Yep! I know, I am being harsh, but the truth need to be told as it is! Forget the efizzy pics and comments on people's wall- pages, if you come to know the nitty-gritty, you would be surprised! Credit card is the name, and juggling is the game!' A lady joked that if they put her name into the system to know if she is credit worthy, the computer will be chanting; ERROR! ERROR!! ERROR!!!

H-E-Y! Does that mean there are no rich diasporas? Of course, there are! But they are like ...shhhhhh...*puts finger on lips* ... they don't blow their trumpets!