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Friday, May 30, 2014


Reading the news about the stolen baby by a nurse- impostor, sent shivers down my spine, later excitement swelled in my heart when I read further that the kidnapper was caught, then words of gratitude filled my mouth to GOD and everybody that helped to hunt her down! I could just imagine the emotional trauma the parents were going through during that period.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


I went visiting my friend, and met her mum at home who gave birth to 6 gals and 2 boys. I was nursing my first child then and talks were more on children.Then she told me something which I didn't believe!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


'How do both of you do it?' This question kept re-playing in my head as I watched my son who is 5 months old today, kicking and holding his feet up in the air. You see, a pregnant couple relocated with their toddler, so the husband was the only one bringing the bacon home. As usual, the Nigerian community was telling the guy 'Your wife must work!'

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


My eyes became teary as I listened to him speak;  He was a young struggling man who paved his way through his first degree. He was surviving on his meagre salary when he graduated, while believing in a brighter tomorrow. A client of the company asked him one day while he was in the office, if he would sit  for his professional exam? He simply told him he could not afford the text books and fees yet. The next day, to his utmost surprise, this client came into the office and gave him the cash to cover all his expenses, which was more than half of his salary! He thanked this elderly man profusely because he never believed someone could be so kind to a total stranger. He passed the exam, and got a better job and prospered in his career.

Monday, May 19, 2014


I heard a knock on the door, opened it, and the delivery man quickly thrust a carton

Thursday, May 15, 2014


I dunno my guys, there is this nagging feeling am having towards someone, and I don't know if it's as a result of my previous experience? You see, I was never really close to this person, though, I tried to foster a friendship earlier on, but I got the I-don't -want-to-get-close-to-you-attitude, and I backed off, and left everything on a very cordial level. But all of a sudden, this person is being nice to me!

Sunday, May 11, 2014


VS: 'Why don't you like guests? I overheard them teasing you about it the other day.'

IB: 'Because of the stress o jare! I have to change my routine, find entertainment for them, handle the children, and coupled with my other personal stuffs ... abeg, it can be tiresome!'

VS: *Laughing* that all? What of the bills?'


IB: 'Bills? What about bills?'

VS: 'Bills nah! Water and electricity?'

IB: 'O-k! I didn't think of that sef!'

VS:' It's because you are at home all day that is why you don't think of bills!'

IB: 'Chei, you too don join to yab me abi ehn?' {you've joined them to cuss me?}

VS: 'No! I am trying to say that, you would know the difference in your bill when nobody is at home most of the day. When everybody goes out, all gadgets are switched off except the refrigerator, so the bill would be minimal, but when a guest comes over, within a week you would see the difference, because the guest would be at home using water and gadgets.'

IB:' WOW! I never thought of it from that angle.'

VS:' How much is your electricity bill monthly?'

IB:' Humph! It's high o, especially during winter.' *Showed her the recent bill*

VS:' You see! Mine is much lesser than this!' *she told me the amount*

IB:' Really? You don't  use heat often?'

VS:' I do when at home! With water, sewage disposal and trash, I pay close to what you pay every month for electricity alone! Then imagine when I have guests, it would be higher!'

IB:' Ahahahaha, I get you. Everybody know where dey pinch am.'

VS:' Yes! It's the utility bills that worries me, anything, I have at home the guest would eat! And the guest should find his or her own entertainment!'

IB: 'Nooo! I have to do 'elejo' { special treatment given to visitor} for the person o!'

VS: 'That is why you are complaining of stress!'

IB: 'You have a point sha! This reminds me of how a family friend mocked his host behind his back when he travelled. This host took days off  from his work so as to be there for his guest and went out of his way to make him comfortable. Only for this family friend to return back to 9ja and laughed behind his back that he is suffering in obodo oyibo. I lost respect for the family friend sha! Why didn't he stay in a hotel then and see how much he would had spent throughout his visit?'

VS:'It was before I was doing that! But now, I give my guest a taxi number to call whenever they want to go out. One time like that, I was in the shopping malls with a guest from dawn to dusk! ... I was tired!'

IB:' Kai! You harsh small o!'

VS:' I have being here for about 8 years now. So I have experience unlike you. Don't worry, with time, your thinking will change'.

IB:' Hmmm ... maybe ... who knows ... my perspective on some issues have changed ... em that reminds me, I saw sales on children clothes in .....'

P.S; When I heard disporas talk about bills then, I was curious to know how different it was from bills we paid back home. Alas! I tell you my guys, there is a difference! But am not complaining o, because I see the positive impact and it is what I consume that I pay for.So it's up to me to know how to manage. I watched extreme cheap-stakes and I was amused and amazed.

Monday, May 05, 2014


source: Google free copyright.
'Nigerians are rich!' A Chinese, Latino and AA told me these when I met them. I had to ask the AA why such notion after she said it again when a mutual friend was telling us how he missed his flight due to logistics, and the standby had few vacant seats, so he had to buy the only available ticket from another airline which happened to be first class, because he could not wait for 2 days for the next flight on the airliner he missed. 'No average AA would had done that! S/He would rather wait inside the airport for that 2 days! She said. I see the way Nigerians live and shop, so y'all are rich! 'AMEN!' I whispered'... abi I no go claim such blessings?' 'But it's not true'. 'Ok, yo! But you've gat relatives that are rich, yeah?' 'Of course!'