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Monday, April 07, 2014


I made a mental comparism as I watched how polygamy is practiced here with what I know back home. The 'sister-wives' show is presenting a picture of unity and harmony in a family consisting 21 people! I read between the lines and interpreted the body languages. Now, the first wife has only one child, all her attempts to have more failed, but she is not giving up...
the 4th wife told her she would willingly be a surrogate for her ... and I wonder, if they are 'one' as they want the audience to believe, why want more? Why not simply accept her step-children as hers? Oh! Very simple! My own, Your own, Our own, is different!

The 3rd wife has only 1 son and 5 daughters, the 2nd wife has 4 sons and 2 daughters, and the 4th wife gave birth to a son as her first child for their husband and the 3rd wife was thinking of going for baby 7 hoping it would be a boy ... and I ask why? Jealousy maybe? The 4th wife was a divorcee with 2 children from a monogamous marriage, and I wondered, how she was going to make it work this time around when she has to share ONE man's affection with other women?

The 3rd wife was hurt when her husband married the 4th wife who is a trophy wife because of her looks...yeah, she is the prettiest amongst the wives.. followed by the 1st, 3rd and the 2nd wife...who went to the gym to reduce her weight after the 4th wife came that not envy? ...  and when asked if he would allow his daughters to go into a polygamous marriage ... he hesitated a teeny little bit to gather his thoughts and said yes with a lots of IF's ... that emulates his own kind of person, and I thought why the hesitation in the first place? Why not an enthusiastic YES! ... maybe he exhibited the fear of every parent concerning their daughters and future son-in-laws? ... and one of the daughters said she would not go into any polygamous marriage ... w-h-y? ... so you see the reasons why I ain't buying it!


I dislike polygamy! Yes! I know, certain religion approves of it as our culture does, and part of the old testament did. But I personally do not see any good it does to the women, except ONLY the man who gets all the fringe benefits!

 Imagine a family of 4 women and 16 children with different personalities veering for ONE man's attention and affection, and there would not be bickering? pettiness? jealousy? competition? grudges? conspiracy? fights and whats not? What about the expenses? All the wives are working and contributing their quota to the upkeep of the home... I can imagine the pile of debts this family would be paying through out the days of their lives for mortgage, insurance, medical and college! In all sincerity though, the husband in this TLC show was fair in his dealings, but I refused to believe he won't prefer one of them most ... personally, I like the 4th wife looks more ... and the 1st wife calm- maturity.

The difference with polygamy in 9ja and yankee is that structures and facilities are in place to make the family comfortable ... and probably happy? ...  But am still ain't buying it! 


Abiola said...

Polygamy with style, see packaging...hehehe...very different from what is obtainable around here.

Who is deceiving who? Ain't buying it either.

Beats me why a man who has just one heart take on more than 1 wife.

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

There is NOTHING good about polygamy
Women like to feel special. How can one feel special when one has to use a rota to ascertain when to sleep with one's husband
No matter how they try to pretend, jealousy must rear its ugly head
Marriage no be by force.

gretel said...

Polygamy. May bad things not befall us. Amen.

New Dawn said...

Thank you very much ladies.
Indeed! How can a man share ONE heart equally to 4?
Ha! The ROTA palaver...a woman asked him how he copes with the bedroom tinz, and the question was waved away. I had this nasty thought that if one of the wives has an infection, automatically the other wives are getting it...and imagine if they are all going 'down' on each other, it means .....EWWWW!
Aminn ooo.

sykik said...

Personally, I don't like polygamy...I detest it...however, there are people who don't mind and I haven't been convinced into buying the story too....human beings are naturally competitive and jealous...even God is jealous....who wants to share ...who wants to share a di*k..pardon my French's never a win win situation not even for the man involved.....

New Dawn said...

I understand why our parents of yore practiced polygamy and certain religions permit it, but for enlightened, educated and exposed individuals to go into it, truly baffles me!
Thanks Sykik. Good to hear from you. How is work and family?

@ilola said...

Where is the comment I dropped on this post last week?????

New Dawn said...

Hey! I dunno! Google ate it up maybe?
Same thing happened to me in Lady Ngo blog, my comments continued to disappear.

Ola LifeTalks said...

I love your point on his hesitation, I have noticed this myself and the cult like behaviour and the low self esteem from the women. He hesitated because he knows deep down exactly how he treats these woman isn’t right.

I have nothing against the wives or infact the husband for that matter but my opinion is this idea of polygamy will never be for me. I don’t think he’s genuine at all.

Nitty Gritty said...

Ola, so true about knowing deep down inside of him.. nothing! nothing! good about polygamy! No matter how it is painted in beautiful colours! Thank you :D

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