Wednesday, April 23, 2014


The lights went off around 4;00pm yesterday. I immediately put a call to my service provider to know what happened,  after several network failure, I was able to get through and put on hold, I heard the voices of my neighbours outside, so I peeked out of my blinds to know what was happening;

Their apartments were also affected! Which means the fault was within the estate and not from my provider. This was confirmed as I was speaking with the customer care and giving all basic info and they were trying to locate my apartment on their system, the lights came on; It was 4:24pm... NO-PE! I was not worried ... no be 9ja I come from ehn?

The fear I had was that everything is connected to electricity; My home-line went on a searching mode, if my hand-set was not charged or monthly subscription expires, it means I cannot make calls. If it was a major fault that would take hours to repair, it means no food for a while expect snacks and no heating if it was during the cold season! This reminded me of the first black-out I witnessed... it was during Hurricane Sandy!
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My first Hurricane experience was terrifying and exciting the same time. There was plenty awareness and warnings as usual, sirens blaring and people rushing to the malls to get torchlight, food, bottled water, batteries, generators ... all the torch-lights were sold out by the time we arrived at the malls around us. We bundled ourselves into the biggest room, with all our mattresses, bottled water and snacks, un-plugged all gadgets, dressed in our warmest clothes and sandwiched the children between us...then the storm started as it was predicated!

Me-hn! The howling of the wind was like people mourning and whimpering ... we were praying and singing ... putting our trust in GOD ... the crashing sounds against the building was like ... do you know how an empty tin sounds when thrown to the ground with force? Imagine that sound x10 ... then you would get my drift ... the electricity went out around 2;00a.m, so no more internet, heating and communication ... we had to use our handsets for light until we drifted to sleep ... how we were able to do that was a miracle.

When we were able to come out the next day, the wreckage before our eyes stretched miles away! It took 2 days before electricity was restored in my area, but for some, a week. We bundled ourselves together to generate heat and ate cereal and bread and tea mostly. Many people food went bad. Luckily, some had gas-stoves against electric ... so they warm themselves by opening the oven door and sat around it. So yesterday made it the 2nd time am experiencing black out since I arrived 2 years ago. I pray that a black out should never exceed for long period of time because ... HMMM ... it ain't gonna be funny 0!