Friday, April 04, 2014


Reading Abiola's comment in the previous post prompted me to write about accommodation here. It  is so much easier to lease an apartment compared to my experience back home. Properties are searched for on-line. Then contact them to set an appointment for viewing. You would provide the following if you are interested:

Your #SSS number.
Your pay-stub to see how much you earn and if you can afford to pay the rent. If not working yet, you would provide your bank account statement to show that you can cover many months rent ahead before you get a job and immediately you do, they should be informed.

The name of your bank so as to know your credit ratings: Are you credit worthy? {if buying a house} Do you pay your bills?
The address of your last accommodation IF you are moving so as to investigate if you were a good tenant! If for the first time, a referral to someone living here already with a good credibility.

They would carry out their investigations and write to you if your application is accepted...oh that reminds me... you would fill out lot of forms, asking several questions like; How many people are going to live there and their names, their occupation...blah..blah. Because there is a restricted number of people to an apartment...that reminds me again...there is a difference between a house and an apartment, in 9ja, we use the words interchangeably.

If your application for lease is accepted, you would sign several forms and pay only a MONTH'S rent! In some estates, they have incorporated water, sewage, trash cost into the rent, but in some, they are paid separately. There are different type of lease agreement:  monthly, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months and they are renewed. A month to 2 months notice is given ahead if you want to move.

Have a fun-filled weekend :)