Monday, March 10, 2014


When I found out I was pregnant, I searched for a doctor for my ante-natal. After picking my doctor, I made an appointment giving all my info.

The doctor's consulting room is not in a hospital as I had thought, but a complex of buildings comprising of many doctors of different fields. It is organized in such a way that a group of doctors in the same field would occupy one of the buildings, sharing the same administrative staff(s) at the front, who takes all the vital info needed, before proceeding to the specific doctor's unit, where personal staff{s} collects more info,and body vitals; Height, weight, blood pressure and urine sample before taken into one of the consulting rooms, asked to undress, put on a gown, lied down on the reclining bed and waited for the doctor.

The doctor walked in with a smile, and after a firm handshake, more questions were asked before the first examination began. *everybody is afraid of litigation o!* The pap-smear was done, I was sent to the lab for blood work, several vials of blood was taken.....*me-hn! I thought they would finish the blood in my body o!* ..... to be tested for Hiv, Stds, Diabetes, Hepatitis, Rubella, Genotype, Blood group, Rh.....infact, about 22 test results was sent to me, *cannot pronounce the name of some sef!* and to GOD be the glory, all came out good.....I was given a clean bill of health, no medication or injections was prescribed for me, apart from the pre-natal vitamins I was given..... *the tablets and castor oil capsules were difficult  for me to swallow o, but I did by force by fire! 

The gestational diabetes was the doctor's main concern in all expectant mothers, and this test was done on a separate day because it is a 3-hours procedure. A very sugary juice was given to me.....*yuck!* .....after the first blood sample was taken.....and the consequent ones were drawn after every hour. The HIV test was done again 3 weeks to my EDD. The urine culture was done on every visit and I asked why? *oversabi tinz* I was told, is to check for euphemism *hope I got it right o!* The first sonogram was done at 3 months, then 7 months and finally on the 9th month, and I declined to know the sex of the baby, as I did in all my previous pregnancies.....I like the element of surprise.

I have chosen my hospital and pharmacy on my first appointment, and I agreed in the form I filled out that other doctors could see me, if my personal doctor was not around on my visits.....could be taking a delivery or performing a surgery in a hospital..... so I saw 3 different doctors in the same unit apart from mine, and on the day of delivery which was 2 days after Christmas, it was another doctor who took the delivery because my doctor was in another town when paged; When I walked into the lobby of the hospital for the first time, and told the staff I was there for delivery, she offered to get me a wheel chair, which I refused, so we took the elevator to the delivery floor, where the nurses asked for the name of my doctor, #SSS, medical insurance and address and told me to wait in the lounge while a room was prepared. 20 minutes later, I was taken into the room, asked to undress and the journey to my delivery began..... 

Ha! Thought am through huh? WHO-SAI! It remained the post-natal visits to my doctor to see if I suffer from post-natal depression or not ? I laughed, when asked some questions..... which was seen as a good sign..... *surprised though* I came to realize it is a serious issue. I never went for a post -natal in 9ja o! Infact, we Nigerians don't take depression as a problem sef! But I know I was told, there is a Yoruba name for women who give birth and are not themselves immediately, until after some weeks/months but it is seen as spiritual problem rather than medical..... trust my people nah!

So! That is all for now....see you all later..thank you for reading.