Monday, March 17, 2014


I long for our hair-dressers ooo! Me-hn! I have learnt to braid and sew weavons by force by fire! My first attempts were disastrous! subsequently, it improved with practice.....*manageable*

What about the drama? There is never a dull moment in the neighbourhood and market! KAI! I miss all the juicy gist shaaa! And my Iya amala & akara joint nko? *swallow saliva*

How did I ever think, I would miss some medicines like Blood tonic, fansidar, paracetamol, folic acid, vitamin C, and combatrin ehn? *just waka go chemist jeje*
If only wishes were horses.....*audible sigh!*


  1. Sorry. Those are the perks of a country where many things are not structured.

  2. Haha woman, you give me jokes lol at " I have learnt to braid and sew weavons by force by fire". You should give us a peek of your handy work :))

  3. Loool Salons are the best for gossip mbok

  4. I'm surprised you haven't jejely returned to your short hair mode!!!! How body? And the pikins dem? *hugs*

    Meanwhile i'm quite sure you don't miss the 'no electricity or no water-we have to call mai ruwa' part of living in Naija!!!!!!

  5. Comments appreciated.
    @ilola...yeah...and am so loving these 'perks'..
    @Countessa, my handwork is still disastrously manageable, so not proud to show it o :)
    @Toin....Ha! saloons! ..AHAHA on short hair mode, it's my gals hair I do braid, though, I have cut off their perms.....light and water ke? not at all o! :D

  6. The good side is that you have learnt the DIY we can certify you as hairdresser be that....I hope you miss agege bread too.....

  7. lol...this DIY mehn...dont know how you people do it.

    i stayed in the US for 3 months when i came to have my baby. i was so homesick...i wont like to live abroad away from my family o! its not easy

  8. @Sykik; Sorry o, I just saw this comment. Thanks sistah. ahahaha @ certified hairdresser. I never reach that level at all.

    @Doll: My sistah!The system encourages hand-skills by all means ni! Yes, here can be lonely esp when one don't have the support communal system as we do in Nigeria. Thanks.

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