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Thursday, March 20, 2014


A Nigerian lady got pregnant for a Nigerian man who was married to an AA. She broke off the relationship because he didn't tell her his marital status. She had the baby, and later got into a new relationship with a M.O.G who says he is single.The baby-daddy still wants her, and used the pretext of seeing his child to woo her back. Both men are aware of each other and she assured the M.O.G that she was not going to reconcile with her ex. WHO-SAI! She began sleeping with him! The M.O.G, don't know and she assured her ex that she was not sleeping with the M.O.G either 'TAA! She is sleeping with him too!The ex found out and decided not to marry her again as planned after his divorce.

*Surprised?* Don't be! Because Survival is the game and self-preservation is the name! I really don't know how to explain it without coming off wrong, so, all I can say is that, love is not necessarily the primary reason for 2 adults to go into a relationship here. The ex obviously married to survive, and the M.O.G, is likely lying also.

A Nigerian couple have an agreement for the wife to keep her maiden name after marriage for reasons ranging from personal to economical. Which is not an issue here as it is back home because this society do not base their decisions on gender, age or marital status. My maiden name rather than my marital name is on my baby's birth certificate, and all documents were signed by me, because they believe in individuality. This is why we should not be quick to join the 'bandwagon' without asking the reasons behind such action.

Relationships amongst Nigerians here is quite different from what I see and know back home...OH! That reminds me; A 9ja man was talking about how ugly his wife is and how he is managing her. I turned 'Voltron, defender of the universe on the matter, only for this man to say I am more uglier than his wife sef! *OTURU-GBEKE O!*  Nah so I zip up my mouth 0!

Have a lovely weekend y'all :D


sykik said...

lol.....sorry, i am laughing but your last paragraph is so funny. I would have given him a good side-eye...what is he feeling like sef...Didn't he see his wife before he married her...did something alter her looks ni?

on this change of name's not beans oh...I kept my maiden line for some years and kai...I never heard the last of it from friends, in-laws and say I was harassed into adding my Hubby's name to my name is an understatement.....I was stampeded into changing was so bad that a friend once referred to my husband using my maiden name...Hubby was so upset, i just decided to save him the trauma and did change of name sharply.

New Dawn said...

I would have being amongst those that would harass you then if I was close to you. In fact it was can issue in Linda blog years ago and I spoke strongly against it that I was lamblasted as usual
I even discussed with sting when she did an interview years ago on vera radio show that she would keep her maiden name; I asked her why? Coming here has widen my knowledge to understand that everybody should be treated as an individual regardless if married or not. And some immigrants did s*** to stay; so cannot risk all that for marriage that might collapse any day. Thanks very much sykik.

New Dawn said...

P.s. no mind the man o jare! If you see how beautiful their daughter is ehn? I hear say e want to chop for outside that is why e dey run the woman down .

BareFoot Countessa said...

3rd paragraph....Oh NO he didn't go there with ugly right? What the frack!!

You know, they say some men are inherently mean because they have to compensate for their height restrictions and even more distressing for having a small winky *sigh*....Ooooops did I say that out loud ;)

New Dawn said...

*I didn't hear anything* ......AHAHAHAHAA.
Yes! He is suffering from inferiority complex from what I heard about him.
Thanks very much Countessa.

@ilola said...

Kai. That last paragraph made me laff. If a man cannot respect his own wife, of course, he won't respect other women naa.

Toinlicious said...

Lmaooooo that man is a huge mess jor. Which kain yeye man be that

New Dawn said...

@ilola & Toin. So right o! I heard he cussed out another man's wife that he recently visited! He is always comparing every woman he meets with his wife. The man definitely has issues !..EHEHEHEHE...thanks a lot.

HoneyDame said...

LMAOOOO///have I been away from here for that long?!! LMAOOO..That last paragraph o! LMAOOO

New Dawn said...

You mind the yeye man o jare...AHAHAHAHA....he cussed out another man's wife recently as I heard. The man get wahala no be small :)
Thanks HD.

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