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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Y-A-Y! My older kids screamed into my room this morning to wish their baby brother happy 3 months birthday! Dem don take kisses bath the boy shaa! I was like really? So soon? Time to begin the sitting lessons 0. Caring for my new -born is not the same with my older kids. I did not abide to many DO'S and DON'TS rules and we turned out well.

My people, the hot-water massage given after birth is more painful than labour itself! I would scream as the extreme hot towel is placed on my stomach *shudder* It is to help the stomach go back to shape by expunging 'bad blood and fluid'. This was done both day and night for a month! Here, I soaked myself in the bath tub and hubby massaged my body, it was more fun.

The soft spot, umbilical cord and circumcised penis were handled delicately. In 9ja, the nurse told me to clean the cord with Spirit/alcohol and cotton wool constantly to aid the drying up. Here, nothing of such! Infact, I have already bought the items at home, only to observe that the nurses didn't do that! Instead, the bigger clamp was changed to a tiny transparent clamp that blended with the shriveled cord on the day I was discharged. Surprisingly, it fell off within days and healed after 2 weeks. I was worried initially 0!

Oil was to be dropped on the soft spot to aid the 'closing up' and should never be dry, so I was taught. I even mixed it with eucalyptus oil (silver bird brand) to avoid cold. But now, I only apply oil after bathing.

The circumcision was what really surprised me most. First, I usually do it after the naming ceremony. But, it was scheduled for the next day because the surgeon comes to the hospital for few hours only and perform circumcision on all the boys whose parents wants them to be circumcised and leave. He was not able to make the appointment, hence, I had to stay another day. He was very fast, and no plastic ring was placed on it as done back home, to hold the fore-skin down and form the shape, infact, the shape was already formed! It was a very neat and beautiful job! I was given only a tube of vaseline to apply continuously so that the diaper won't stick to the flesh, until it heals. Back home, I would be applying olive oil continuously until the ring falls off itself.

Pacifier was never in my list of baby things when in 9ja, because babies get attached to it and to start them on solid food would be a problem. But it was put in my baby's mouth during the surgery to calm him down. Usually, after circumcision, I would nurse him. I tried the same method, but my baby boned me and continued with his sleep, and there was no tears on his face or sign of distress. The nurse told me he was given medication to suppress the pain and make him sleep. But in 9ja, my baby cries would be heard which pierces my heart. The pacifier was in his mouth till we got home, since then I bought more pacifiers, which helps me 0!

There are other myths, which I have found to be baseless,  but this post would be too long ... am tired sef ... typing with a finger, carrying my sleeping baby on the other arm ... my addiction to blogging no get part 2 o jare!


Highly Favored said...

Interesting observations and differences in childbirth and care. Life is so much easier when we keep it simple.

Abiola said...

Our own too much in naija o.

Don't use yellow items or the baby would be jaundiced..*rolling eyes*....don't give water...give water...wrap umbilical cord in a small piece of cloth, put on lantern or whatever and use to massage baby's navel...

'Lara said...

Interesting observations, now I get why a lot of women are saving so much just to go deliver their babies abroad....let me start my own savings even though I never get husband not to talk of child self.

Toinlicious said...

Ah ah So those things are old wives tales ba? This is interesting o

Beautiful said...

Omggg so so soooo true!!! My son was circumcized the day after delivery. He didnt cry or anything infact i was the one who looked like i would cry. The surgeon had to jokingly ask me if i wanted pain relief on his behalf lol and he slept right after. For the cord, the nurse specifically told me not to apply anything just dry it after bath thats all, the clamp fell off the morning of his naming week after birth. The recovery doc told us during the new mithers class not to massage with hot water or wear girdles etc so soon as it actually makes the spinal cord weak. Infact so many myths i have to do a post on this! My mum and i fight all the time over what should be done and what not lol.

Thanks for your email sis...kisses...

BareFoot Countessa said...

You do crack me up New Dawn, some of these processes are obviously inherent in our cultures (more the older generation) so they kinda stayed with us.....

gretel said...

Wow. I must give birth to my children abroad. Finish.

New Dawn said...

Yes it is. Thank you favoured.

New Dawn said...

As in ehn! We make too much fuss! So you were told same ba? AHAHAHA. ..what of the white thread to be placed on the head when hiccuping? Or throwing the baby in the air during bath so that they won't be scared of heights? Gosh. Thank you Abiola.

New Dawn said... funny Lara. Thank you

New Dawn said...

Yes Toin. They are o! Thank you.

New Dawn said...

Hey! My beautiful sistah. Congratulations once again. I rejoice with you and your household on the arrival of your bundle of joy. How is tata doing? He would continue to be a source of joy and blessings in your lives..Amin.
Am laughing at the statement that you and mosie dey fight and the surgeon's comment. My dear, let mama do it as she knows o. ..ahahaha...Just know that it is old wives tale as Toin said. Thank you. Please update and gist us o. Take care and greet mama.

New Dawn said...

Am glad I always make you laugh Countessa...yep! It is passed down from mother to daughter. But you would agree with me that many do not have scientific proof. Thank you

New Dawn said...

AHAHAHA...but you dey abroad nah?Thank you Gretel

BareFoot Countessa said...

Yes I agree :)

@ilola said...

I can't really relate to this post and many things you mentioned. When I am pregnant, you will definitely be y unofficial coach, lol.

New Dawn said...

No problemo! Just hala me when the time come. Thanks ailola :)

New Dawn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sykik said...

Kai....the myths can be scary sha...especially the one about the yellow items and jaundice...who ever came up with that

New Dawn said...

ahaha, nah so we hear am o. Thanks Sykik.

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