Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Humph! @ilola used Yoruba sense for me gan! What oyibo people call reversed psychology! In her mind she would had said 'nah, so, so, negative tinz SM dey write, let me use style, style change her to thinking positively!' My intuition is right this time @ilola! *clucks tongue* Afterall, it is from jokes your friends would tell you, who you are! Nah book of proverbs talk am o! To come add more petrol to fire, Sykik, that I thought would join me bluff off @ilola, as in big-aunties gra-gra, come fall my hand patapata by siding up with @ilola! So by force by fire, I have to do this assignment o!
I hope not to have F9! * hey! am still old school o jare!*
OK! Pulling off my pessimistic robe and donning on my optimistic gloves *cracking my knuckles*.....wish me goodluck people! *going into brainstorming mood*.

We are moulded out from our creator image, so we naturally inherited some traits from HIM, and one of such is Love. We humans have the capacity to love without borders. Not the Philo kind of love but Agape's, that comprises of kindness and compassion. Love that would make people go out of their way to lend a fellow human a helping hand disregarding their own life. Like this heroic feat:

The human emotions is uniquely different that there is never a dull moment amongst us.....
drama, drama everywhere .....maybe that is why aliens always change their mind to destroy the earth when they come visiting.....*so I learnt from movies o!*
Hmmm...*nathing comes into mind again* these summarizes my brainstorming session @ilola and Sykik, am waiting for the score and it berra be goood or else...*eyes stilted*


  1. Yaaayyyy!!!! I am so glad you made an attempt. And yes, you are right this time in your assumptions. It is my love for you that made me give you that assignment. If I had the opportunity, I would have explained why in person.

    The thing is when we only express the negative in humanity, people tend to run away, cos they feel you will only see the negative in them too. So the vibes are not inviting rara.

    As for your score, I give you 4/10, for making an attempt. Lol. You have one more to go.

    1. 4 OVER WHAT???? After all the brainstorming?
      ,..... jokes apart @ilola, I 'decode' your message,....and believe me when I say it does not bother me RA-RA!..... outside this virtual world, everybody is OYO ....and remember what is said in journalism: good news don't sell! *how else can people be curious enough to come and read what I would write again ehn? *winks*
      Appreciate your concern and loving.

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  2. I am not shining my teeth oh....where's the humor I asked for? Lol.....all the emoticons look like they are dancing atilogwu sef........abeg, lemme adjust my spectacles to read the topic well so I can give my verdict....

    I will be a mean teacher abi.....lmao......I am enjoying myself well well...thanks for talking about love but I expected one aproko gist to buttress the post o jare...

    1. You are so meaaaaan, teacher sykik! *whining voice*
      AHAHAHAHAHA......atilogwu?.....adjust ya headmistress bi-focals very well o.
      I deleted the aproko gist to use for the 2nd round of assignment *waffi sense*.....and I try to avoid long posts *lazy o jare*.
      Thanks Sykik.

  3. LMAOOl....NG...what is this, nitori Olorun?!!

    1. HD! nah @ilola o!
      The gal too wise for her age, I tell you!
      Glad you had a good laugh :)


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