Wednesday, March 05, 2014


A 9ja gal found out I have a blog when we were talking and was interested....OOPS! My identity blown! *as if I was anonymous before! I decided to share
some of the blogging tips I have learnt since I began blogging 4-5 years now abi?
*kai! I don teyy oo!* And would appreciate more from readers if you don't mind;

Firstly, visit many blogs several times, to get the vibe of the blogging sphere and learn from each...either the layout, or the writing style and how to make your own blog stand out.

Secondly, be anonymous except you are blogging for financial returns or marketing your company or products or an author or you want to be known, then display all your info. If not, keep your privacy because nowadays potential employers do surf the web and you don't want to put yourself out there for all to see.

Thirdly, don't allow anonymous comments, by the time you visit other blogs, you would know the reasons.Also, don't moderate comments, some readers find it tiresome to be typing security code, so they rather not comment. In addition, reply comments so that it would be an interactive session rather than one-sided conversation. But if is a commercial blog do opposite.

Further-more, avoid controversial topics and comments both in your blog and others, unless of course it is a blog-moniker. Reason is that, if you cannot take the heat, leave the kitchen! So maintain a good blogger image o! *throwaway face-whistling-checking my fingertips*

Lastly, avoid long post! Yesss! Learn to summarize,and inject a sense of humour, so that it won't look as if one is reading a text book. *laziness tinz*

Find interesting topics and be original, don't join the bandwagon.....most importantly, avoid copy and paste. Unless of course again, it is a money-making blog.

Emmm......em....I think that is all guys. Please y'all should drop your $200 tips on the table.....Gracias!