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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Y-A-Y! My older kids screamed into my room this morning to wish their baby brother happy 3 months birthday! Dem don take kisses bath the boy shaa! I was like really? So soon? Time to begin the sitting lessons 0. Caring for my new -born is not the same with my older kids. I did not abide to many DO'S and DON'TS rules and we turned out well.My people, the hot-water massage given after birth is more painful than labour itself! I would scream as the extreme hot towel is placed on my stomach *shudder* It is to help the stomach go back to shape by expunging 'bad blood and fluid'. This was done both day and night for a month! Here, I soaked myself in the bath tub and hubby massaged my body, it was more fun.

The soft spot, umbilical cord and circumcised penis were handled delicately. In 9ja, the nurse told me to clean the cord with Spirit/alcohol and cotton wool constantly to aid the drying up. Here, nothing of such! Infact, I have already bought the items at home, only to observe that the nurses didn't do that! Instead, the bigger clamp was changed to a tiny transparent clamp that blended with the shriveled cord on the day I was discharged. Surprisingly, it fell off within days and healed after 2 weeks. I was worried initially 0!

Oil was to be dropped on the soft spot to aid the 'closing up' and should never be dry, so I was taught. I even mixed it with eucalyptus oil (silver bird brand) to avoid cold. But now, I only apply oil after bathing.

The circumcision was what really surprised me most. First, I usually do it after the naming ceremony. But, it was scheduled for the next day because the surgeon comes to the hospital for few hours only and perform circumcision on all the boys whose parents wants them to be circumcised and leave. He was not able to make the appointment, hence, I had to stay another day. He was very fast, and no plastic ring was placed on it as done back home, to hold the fore-skin down and form the shape, infact, the shape was already formed! It was a very neat and beautiful job! I was given only a tube of vaseline to apply continuously so that the diaper won't stick to the flesh, until it heals. Back home, I would be applying olive oil continuously until the ring falls off itself.

Pacifier was never in my list of baby things when in 9ja, because babies get attached to it and to start them on solid food would be a problem. But it was put in my baby's mouth during the surgery to calm him down. Usually, after circumcision, I would nurse him. I tried the same method, but my baby boned me and continued with his sleep, and there was no tears on his face or sign of distress. The nurse told me he was given medication to suppress the pain and make him sleep. But in 9ja, my baby cries would be heard which pierces my heart. The pacifier was in his mouth till we got home, since then I bought more pacifiers, which helps me 0!

There are other myths, which I have found to be baseless,  but this post would be too long ... am tired sef ... typing with a finger, carrying my sleeping baby on the other arm ... my addiction to blogging no get part 2 o jare!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


A Nigerian lady got pregnant for a Nigerian man who was married to an AA. She broke off the relationship because he didn't tell her his marital status. She had the baby, and later got into a new relationship with a M.O.G who says he is single.The baby-daddy still wants her, and used the pretext of seeing his child to woo her back. Both men are aware of each other and she assured the M.O.G that she was not going to reconcile with her ex. WHO-SAI! She began sleeping with him! The M.O.G, don't know and she assured her ex that she was not sleeping with the M.O.G either 'TAA! She is sleeping with him too!The ex found out and decided not to marry her again as planned after his divorce.

*Surprised?* Don't be! Because Survival is the game and self-preservation is the name! I really don't know how to explain it without coming off wrong, so, all I can say is that, love is not necessarily the primary reason for 2 adults to go into a relationship here. The ex obviously married to survive, and the M.O.G, is likely lying also.

A Nigerian couple have an agreement for the wife to keep her maiden name after marriage for reasons ranging from personal to economical. Which is not an issue here as it is back home because this society do not base their decisions on gender, age or marital status. My maiden name rather than my marital name is on my baby's birth certificate, and all documents were signed by me, because they believe in individuality. This is why we should not be quick to join the 'bandwagon' without asking the reasons behind such action.

Relationships amongst Nigerians here is quite different from what I see and know back home...OH! That reminds me; A 9ja man was talking about how ugly his wife is and how he is managing her. I turned 'Voltron, defender of the universe on the matter, only for this man to say I am more uglier than his wife sef! *OTURU-GBEKE O!*  Nah so I zip up my mouth 0!

Have a lovely weekend y'all :D

Monday, March 17, 2014


I long for our hair-dressers ooo! Me-hn! I have learnt to braid and sew weavons by force by fire! My first attempts were disastrous! subsequently, it improved with practice.....*manageable*

What about the drama? There is never a dull moment in the neighbourhood and market! KAI! I miss all the juicy gist shaaa! And my Iya amala & akara joint nko? *swallow saliva*

How did I ever think, I would miss some medicines like Blood tonic, fansidar, paracetamol, folic acid, vitamin C, and combatrin ehn? *just waka go chemist jeje*
If only wishes were horses.....*audible sigh!*

Monday, March 10, 2014


When I found out I was pregnant, I searched for a doctor for my ante-natal. After picking my doctor, I made an appointment giving all my info.

The doctor's consulting room is not in a hospital as I had thought, but a complex of buildings comprising of many doctors of different fields. It is organized in such a way that a group of doctors in the same field would occupy one of the buildings, sharing the same administrative staff(s) at the front, who takes all the vital info needed, before proceeding to the specific doctor's unit, where personal staff{s} collects more info,and body vitals; Height, weight, blood pressure and urine sample before taken into one of the consulting rooms, asked to undress, put on a gown, lied down on the reclining bed and waited for the doctor.

The doctor walked in with a smile, and after a firm handshake, more questions were asked before the first examination began. *everybody is afraid of litigation o!* The pap-smear was done, I was sent to the lab for blood work, several vials of blood was taken.....*me-hn! I thought they would finish the blood in my body o!* ..... to be tested for Hiv, Stds, Diabetes, Hepatitis, Rubella, Genotype, Blood group, Rh.....infact, about 22 test results was sent to me, *cannot pronounce the name of some sef!* and to GOD be the glory, all came out good.....I was given a clean bill of health, no medication or injections was prescribed for me, apart from the pre-natal vitamins I was given..... *the tablets and castor oil capsules were difficult  for me to swallow o, but I did by force by fire! 

The gestational diabetes was the doctor's main concern in all expectant mothers, and this test was done on a separate day because it is a 3-hours procedure. A very sugary juice was given to me.....*yuck!* .....after the first blood sample was taken.....and the consequent ones were drawn after every hour. The HIV test was done again 3 weeks to my EDD. The urine culture was done on every visit and I asked why? *oversabi tinz* I was told, is to check for euphemism *hope I got it right o!* The first sonogram was done at 3 months, then 7 months and finally on the 9th month, and I declined to know the sex of the baby, as I did in all my previous pregnancies.....I like the element of surprise.

I have chosen my hospital and pharmacy on my first appointment, and I agreed in the form I filled out that other doctors could see me, if my personal doctor was not around on my visits.....could be taking a delivery or performing a surgery in a hospital..... so I saw 3 different doctors in the same unit apart from mine, and on the day of delivery which was 2 days after Christmas, it was another doctor who took the delivery because my doctor was in another town when paged; When I walked into the lobby of the hospital for the first time, and told the staff I was there for delivery, she offered to get me a wheel chair, which I refused, so we took the elevator to the delivery floor, where the nurses asked for the name of my doctor, #SSS, medical insurance and address and told me to wait in the lounge while a room was prepared. 20 minutes later, I was taken into the room, asked to undress and the journey to my delivery began..... 

Ha! Thought am through huh? WHO-SAI! It remained the post-natal visits to my doctor to see if I suffer from post-natal depression or not ? I laughed, when asked some questions..... which was seen as a good sign..... *surprised though* I came to realize it is a serious issue. I never went for a post -natal in 9ja o! Infact, we Nigerians don't take depression as a problem sef! But I know I was told, there is a Yoruba name for women who give birth and are not themselves immediately, until after some weeks/months but it is seen as spiritual problem rather than medical..... trust my people nah!

So! That is all for now....see you all later..thank you for reading.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014


A 9ja gal found out I have a blog when we were talking and was interested....OOPS! My identity blown! *as if I was anonymous before! I decided to share
some of the blogging tips I have learnt since I began blogging 4-5 years now abi?
*kai! I don teyy oo!* And would appreciate more from readers if you don't mind;

Firstly, visit many blogs several times, to get the vibe of the blogging sphere and learn from each...either the layout, or the writing style and how to make your own blog stand out.

Secondly, be anonymous except you are blogging for financial returns or marketing your company or products or an author or you want to be known, then display all your info. If not, keep your privacy because nowadays potential employers do surf the web and you don't want to put yourself out there for all to see.

Thirdly, don't allow anonymous comments, by the time you visit other blogs, you would know the reasons.Also, don't moderate comments, some readers find it tiresome to be typing security code, so they rather not comment. In addition, reply comments so that it would be an interactive session rather than one-sided conversation. But if is a commercial blog do opposite.

Further-more, avoid controversial topics and comments both in your blog and others, unless of course it is a blog-moniker. Reason is that, if you cannot take the heat, leave the kitchen! So maintain a good blogger image o! *throwaway face-whistling-checking my fingertips*

Lastly, avoid long post! Yesss! Learn to summarize,and inject a sense of humour, so that it won't look as if one is reading a text book. *laziness tinz*

Find interesting topics and be original, don't join the bandwagon.....most importantly, avoid copy and paste. Unless of course again, it is a money-making blog.

Emmm......em....I think that is all guys. Please y'all should drop your $200 tips on the table.....Gracias!

Monday, March 03, 2014


Wo-ow! It's March 3rd already! How time flies! It's

1:07a.m, just finished the night feeding and decided to watch the updated weather forecast news ..... Ha! School is out for today..... weather so baddd..... and winter ought to be over o!....Putting off the wake-up alarm.....and logged in to have a little gist until I feel all sleepy again.....I have so many topics in my head I really want to discuss.....but all muddled up....some in the I decided to simply go with the flow of my thoughts and see where it leads me to.....I wanted to talk about beauty.....heard a quote that beauty is happiness... beauty is is confidence .....which I am wrought to agree.....or what do you think guys?.....I had visitors from Nigeria 3 days back who came for a wedding.....they briefly stopped by to say hello.....knew them back home.....was so glad to see old faces.....served them with paper cups, plates, plastic spoons and forks and they cleaned up after themselves.....this is one of the new culture I am adapting to........if it was back home, it is a big insult to serve visitors with plastic plates, talkless of paper plate o! .......but here, it is even preferable because it rules out germs......yes o......OCD is very common told I have it sef.....sometimes I have to re-check the door if I locked it when going out .... ahaha..... spoke with my family back home .....talked about the situation in 9ja.......GOD help us.......there are 4 type of business Africans in diaspora MOSTLY venture into.....African market, Hair dressing saloon, Catering/restaurant and exporting/trading.....I have interest in the trading but the tales of woes I have heard is kind of discouraging.....9jas seldom remit the money back o!.....I have an America friend who is shy to visit me since I put to bed because she did not have any gift for the baby, though I told her it matters not, she is still embarrassed.....she is a grandmother and a retiree..... I found out it is a culture to them not to go empty-handed to a new mother......ha! Not in 9ja o! People will come, chop, clean mouth and carry awoof go sef......and they would still be appreciated.... because nah pesin nah like you nah dey come greet you!.... ehehe.....talking of granny tinz.....I am surprised to see women in their 40's already grandmothers!........It is kind of a pattern of the major lesson I have learnt since I was birthed unto this world 40 years ago is that life is a continuous battle ground!.....ok, guys! .....getting sleepy .....*yawns* ....2:07a.m already?......Good morning!