Tuesday, February 25, 2014


The Hawk sent out it's young to catch a meal. It came back with a duckling. The mother Hawk
asked what was the mother Duck reaction? 'It didn't do anything, it just walked away'. Return it back, the mother Hawk said and find another meal. The young hawk came back with a chick. The mother Hawk asked the same question. 'Oh! The mother Hen was just flapping it's wings, running in circles and making such a racket!' The young Hawk replied. 'Then we can feast on this, the mother cannot do anything!'

This parable is usually used to describe a scenario where 2 people had a quarrel and words like;'I will deal with you! 'I will tell you what am made of!' Do you know who am I?' Then if one of them falls sick or have an accident, accusing fingers would be pointed at the other party who really had nothing to do with is like a toothless dog...all barks and no bites!

 Listen, it is not the people that talks too much you should be worried about, but the quiet ones, because you don't know what's in their head! Which brings me to the issue I really want to discuss; Some people go around talking about this or that, supporting or against one motion or the other all just to be heard, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, you would realize they are all airs and no substance! And when these people p.o.v is not accepted, they make such a racket but when ignored like the mother hen, they keep quiet after a while.

I know, many or some would not want to hear this, but let me chip in this also; We humans are hypocritical beings! We are quick to give our opinions on other people's predicament, but when similar thing happens to us, we play the sympathy card so that people would empathize with us. We try to rationalize the reasons behind our own actions and say it is different! And I ask; 'What is new under the sun people?Nah today fowl yansh dey back?