Wednesday, February 05, 2014


I walked out of the mall towards our car and I noticed a card behind it. I thought hubby's card fell out of his pocket, as I bent to pick it up, my eyes fell on the money beside it. But LO and BEHOLD!  Before I could pick it up, a teenager walking with his friends or siblings, just scooped up the money as fast as a bird picks up it's prey! HEY! H-E-Y! I shouted at him, but he ignored me! A guy in his group turned to look at me and spoke in their Language to him, from his gesture, I understood he was telling him to return it, but this teenager boned the guy! Nah real ole o!

Hubby ran to my side as he heard my shout. 'Quickly! Check your pockets, and see if you misplaced your card or money'. I told him, while looking at the teenagers as they entered into their car. 'No! I did not lose anything', hubby replied. Phew! 'Thank GOD!' I said, because I was prepared to confront them! We looked at the card, it was someone from their own race and it was debit, luckily for the owner! If it was credit and it was that teenager that picked it up.......*whistles* We returned the card to a cashier since the bank was along our route, but I didn't tell them about the money o, I no want wahala!


I was angry at the teenager's effrontery! I also lost my debit card last year, and I pity anybody that might have picked it up and wanted to use it because I had less than $10 in it! And my name is not easily pronounced sef, so I am not worried about finding a long-lost 'twin' sister somewhere in the future. Thus, we were strongly advised never to share any vital info with anybody, but guide it jealously when we arrived. Infact, this issue is related to the problem I am having with the friend that is giving me the cold shoulder as I write, abegy, friendship no reach that one o!

Thanks for reading.