Thursday, February 13, 2014


We were watching a movie, when hubby asked me; 'Money or love,which do you prefer? Without hesitating, I replied... 

'I.B!' He exclaimed while laughing. Being the tease I am, I couldn't resist telling him, money! Yep! You heard me right! You guys thought I would say love huh? fa-fa-fa-foul! (Zerbudaya's voice} AHAHAHA.....jokes apart though, in this dispensation where materialism is the bane of the society and a person's value is determined by how much they worth in assets, love is no longer given the chance to grow and weather the storm!

Ha! Some might disagree with me....but hear me out first; Money answers all things, as my bible tells me, and when the pocket is full, the mouth is very confident, goes a popular saying.It also buys respect, loyalty and companionship, but it attracts both friends and frenemies, as sugar attracts ants without  buying 'em!.... Now, wait for the whooper!....... Money buys beauty, and men love beautiful women! Q.E.D!.. 

...EHEHEHE.....Oops! I forgot; The saying, that it is better to be poor and happy, than to be rich and unhappy, does not hold water in this era o! Money can buy happiness, afterall happiness is relative. Money is the grease that makes the wheel of any relationship run smoothly without too much bumps. If there is no money in a relationship, be it family, friends and spouses, love would jump out of the window, and anger would walk in through the door with a swag.

Well, if you guys don't believe me, the stories in the media are there for you all to read and much vanity on display! So much spousal problems that it leaves one exhausted and some discouraged! Love is a beautiful feeling which is hyped by the movie and romance industry, that attraction, lust and infatuation is mistaken for the real deal! That is why I hear there is a difference between I am in love with you and I love you! My guys, I don't see or know the difference o! Abi unah know? If yes, explain to me abeg o.

Love to me is like a seed planted in a soil and when well taken care of, it would grow into a beautiful flower with sweet fragrance, but if poorly taken care of, it would shrivel and probably wither off. So, people, whatdaya think? You prefer money or love...hey! hey! hey! I don't want those in-between or balance-it-kind of answers o! Because naturally we want both or little of each......but that ain't the question or love? Choose.....come'on! Who is gamed?..EHEHEHE.