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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


The Hawk sent out it's young to catch a meal. It came back with a duckling. The mother Hawk
asked what was the mother Duck reaction? 'It didn't do anything, it just walked away'. Return it back, the mother Hawk said and find another meal. The young hawk came back with a chick. The mother Hawk asked the same question. 'Oh! The mother Hen was just flapping it's wings, running in circles and making such a racket!' The young Hawk replied. 'Then we can feast on this, the mother cannot do anything!'

Monday, February 17, 2014


An un-married diaspora lives frugally, to enable him send a large chunk of his income back home to assist his family and he has no savings. He spent a lot to process his younger sibling traveling documents, so that both of them can continue the hustle here and help in improving

the family standard of living and bring all of them over in the future. The younger sibling intentionally made his girlfriend pregnant, when he knew he would be leaving soon, because he wants to have a child in Nigeria.The family kept this from the diasporan until all traveling plans were concluded, he was angry when told later.

'Hmmm', I muttered .........what a self-centered j***! In his church mind, he thinks he is smart chei? His elder sibling puts his own personal life pursuits on hold so as to  make them comfortable, but he puts himself first! To me, this sibling does not share the same goal with his elder sibling o! By the time he arrives, and begins to face the reality of living abroad, he might not play his own role, which would become a problem! I know! I know! My pessimistic mind is running ahead of me, but the chances that it might happen is high. My first cousin did same for his younger brother, they had a huge fall out after living together for a while and each went their separate ways. I have visited my first cousin since I arrived, but not the younger brother because of poor communication...yep, it is that baddd!

This brings me to the issue where some Nigerians think that their families cannot survive without them! But they come to realize the truth when the chips are down! Please don't get me wrong people, am not against helping out family members, but one should know where and when to draw the line or they would find themselves in a jam! Let me share these 2 stories with you guys to buttress my point:

A lady's father left this realm and he had no landed property in the village as custom demands. This lady being the first born borrowed money from a Nigerian association and sent it to her family to build a house. After a while, the family were ready to bid their father farewell, but this lady was flat broke as in no money for ticket sef! Alas! Her family went ahead with the celebration without her, while she sat un-happy in her room the whole day, because she believed they would not dare go ahead without her consent.......WHOSAI!  Another came abroad as a student and was working his a$$ off especially during the holidays to assist his family and help his father build a house. The recession hit and he was not able to make much money again and he never saved because he believed there would always be jobs. He could not pay his tuition fee and rent. To make matters worst, his student visa expired, and no money to renew it! He dropped out of the school, moved in with his girlfriend, and seldom goes out because of fear of deportation,(for how long I wonder?).......see GOBE!

I am asking; Are their family members not surviving without their support? Did their lives come to a stand still? The annoying thing is that these same family members would turn around and say these helpers did nothing for them when they cannot get more! Or ask what they spent their money on sef, if they go broke? They would not be happy when these helpers decides to pursue their personal interest or see their spouses as rivals because their attention is deviated from them and they have more responsibility apart from theirs!

My take is that, helpers should not put their life on hold simply because the helping never ends. These family members would always come back in the future for one request or the other. Peace out!

Thursday, February 13, 2014


We were watching a movie, when hubby asked me; 'Money or love,which do you prefer? Without hesitating, I replied... 

Saturday, February 08, 2014


The condescending looks and insults from relatives, friends, neighbours and even bloggers, towards me as a housewife in Nigeria did get to me atimes. It was one of such vulnerable moment I met Patrina in Jaycee's blog through my comment.. To understand my pain then, let me tell you what a relative said :

Wednesday, February 05, 2014


I walked out of the mall towards our car and I noticed a card behind it. I thought hubby's card fell out of his pocket, as I bent to pick it up, my eyes fell on the money beside it. But LO and BEHOLD!  Before I could pick it up, a teenager walking with his friends or siblings, just scooped up the money as fast as a bird picks up it's prey! HEY! H-E-Y! I shouted at him, but he ignored me! A guy in his group turned to look at me and spoke in their Language to him, from his gesture, I understood he was telling him to return it, but this teenager boned the guy! Nah real ole o!

Saturday, February 01, 2014


We all have trying moments in our lives that we need a shoulder to lean on. We find that shoulder on our friends. My problem is do you trust the 'shoulder' well enough to rest your head on? These thoughts came into me when I heard about this gist: