Monday, January 13, 2014


Nay! This was not the post I intended for this week, neither was I ready to update so soon, but after reading all the 'ish going on about MOG or god of men and reading @tilola's post, I got really worked up and decided to vent my anger here, rather than in a comment box.

screaming so that everybody can hear how angry I am! Are we blinded by poverty? Or our respect-culture? Or voodoo/hypnotism at work?

They say, touch not my anointed! Do my prophet no harm! And I ask? WHO ARE THE ANOINTED? WHO ARE THE PROPHETS? WHO ORDAINED THEM? The Israelis were called specifically by GOD, and we were all bought into the priesthood through the blood of JESUS. Hence, we are ALL anointed & prophets and not all these wolves in sheep clothing feeding fat on the ignorance of the people who run after miracles and don't read their bibles!

I don't attend any Nigeria Church because we know ourselves reach ground patapata! People do 'things' to survive here, so who do they want to brainwash? Nah me dem wan preach to? I tried attending an orthodox church, it was an hour service, and breakfast was served after, I left because it was so 'dry'. I attended a black America church, it was a 4 hours service I stayed for a while, but it was there I got my first taste of bully from teenagers, I gave them a piece of my mind! And the pastor wanted to be in 'control' of my affairs, and that ain't gonna happen! So I left again! Right now, I am church-less and happy to be home building a personal relationship with my heavenly father. By the way, which 9ja has your time? When they are either working or going to school? Even the so-called pastors are not excluded!

Christianity here is more subtle and quiet. Not the aggressive and noise making establishments back home. It is Jehovah witness that I see often, but they stick mostly to their own race. Who want wahala? I don't know who is a priest or pastor when am out because I don't see them wearing the bishop's collar outside the church and everybody minds their business, obeying the rules or the cops would be called. So we Nigerians should STOP putting these god of men on pedestals! They are flesh & blood with desires & flaws like us!!  But my people go gree hear???