Wednesday, January 15, 2014

.....................WITH STRINGS ATTACHED

Survival is the name of the game here and many do that at the expense of the naivety, gullibility and vulnerability of their fellow Nigerians. This is why
some Nigerians don't mingle, and other races avoid us. I don't blame them! My own experience with the few Nigerians I have encountered, are not good either!  If some Nigerians welcomes you with a cup of tea, please be ready to reciprocate that 'kind' gesture with a tin of milo! Yep! Some kind/ good gesture comes with strings attached!

A friend is giving me the 'attitude' for some days now since I refused to grant her a favour she asked of me. I mean this is someone I had never rejected anything she asked before! I am so amused as I am vexed! Yesterday, I was in a deep-thinking-mood; I blamed myself for trusting too much! Well, whenever she gets over her anger, I know, it ain't gonna be the same again! I live a prudent life while in Nigeria and still do same here. But some Nigerians refuse to live within their income,and they expect to be bailed out every time by friends? Puhlease!

Listen! There is no love lost amongst we Nigerians here! You can quote me any day, anytime! selfishness is the rule of the survival game here! You just have to be cunning to outsmart them, so as not to burn the bridges after you, because no man is an Island. And, I have decided to reject any kind gesture from my fellow Nigerians here, because I am not ready to be manipulated like a puppet on a string!